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Flip Rigid Heddle Loom Trestle Stand (plus optional Flip Trap)

Made to order - ships in about 8 weeks.

This trestle stand fits the Flip loom. Adjustable supports allow the loom to be used at a variety of angles from horizontal to nearly vertical. When the loom is in the horizontal position, it is at just the right height for use with a standard chair.

We strongly suggest you pair your Trestle Stand with a Flip Trap, which is the black part pictured here that gives you a convenient yet still portable place to set your tools while weaving.  Make sure to select the correct size if you are adding a Flip Trap. If you order the Trap with the Trestle Stand, you will get a $10 discount.  

Made in Boulder, Colorado by Schacht Spindle Company.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Great addition to my loom, makes thinks easier :)

Marcela Dalmazzo
Great addition!

I love my flip loom buy I didn’t use as much as I wanted because the best place to mount was the kitchen island for the hight and I was able to work standing in front.
As you can imagine, not ideal to remove ir for cooking!
It took some weeks to have it buy was worth it. Everything went so nice and easy to assemble.

meredith holland
Loom stand

This will make weaving on my 20” Schacht so much easier

Nikki Fortney
Loving it!!!

I finally ordered the stand to go with my flip loop and I am loving it!!! It finally has it own place now don't have to worry about tucking it in a corner and getting kicked. The stand is a great hight and makes it so much easier to use. I had previously attached the loom to my coffee table but on the stand it slides right under my couch and much closer to me making every step so much easier!!!! If I did it again I would make sure to order them as a pair!!