Mallo Cotton Slub Weaving Yarn ~ Ink

A thick and thin cotton slub yarn designed to weave soft and absorbent home textiles, scarves, or apparel. 100% cotton (55% organic). 

  • 8 oz cones
  • 750 yards
  • 8-16 epi
  • Suitable for warp and weft
  • Use on a rigid heddle or multi-shaft loom

Machine wash and dry. 

Made in the USA.

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Customer Reviews

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Victoria Love
Mallo combined with homespun cotton and linen

Warped my Ashford Rigid Heddle with Mallo Coal, using a 15 dent heddle. Wove 2 sample washcloths, the first with my cotton thread, the second with my linen. These threads are my experiments using a drop spindle, and they range widely from thin to chunky, but I love the effect, combined with the deliciously slubby Mallo!

I think I will weave spa washcloths for holiday gifts, and pair them with artisan soaps. I’d better stock up on Mallo! It is my hands-down favourite cotton!

Victoria Love
Mallo warp and homespun cotton weft

Learning to spin with a drop spindle, and wove this small piece yesterday. I have been trying to approximate the look and feel of antique grain sacks, and this is pretty darn close. The small pillows in the photo are made from grain sacks. My square was woven with a 15 dent Ashford rigid heddle. I love the texture and soft feel.

Wendy Bombelles
Mallo Yarn

The mallow yarn is absolutely wonderful to weave with! I used it in my first woven blanket and it was so easy to work with . Beautiful and soft finished project! I bought more to use for another project . Highly recommend it!

Cotton Mallo Slub is perfect for table runners

I made a table runner using Cotton Mallo in Natural and Fir and loved weaving with this yarn. I used a rigid heddle loom and a 12-dent heddle. It wove beautifully and has a very nice drape. I highly recommend using this yarn. The napkins are made with 8/2 unmercerized cotton in Natural and Mallo in Fir

Victoria Love
Mallow and Homespun

I am teaching myself to spin cotton on the drop spindle. I combined Mallo natural in the warp of my 15 dent RH, with my homespun for the weft, and I love the result! Here are photos of my sample piece. I experimented with A: two strands of Mallo in each slot and hole, and B: one strand of Mallo in each slot and hole.

You can see the difference in thickness and texture. The A fabric is thick but very soft. I think it would make a wonderful summer jacket, or placemats or a table runner. The B fabric is a little more open and nubby, which I love. It would make a lovely shawl or throw. I actually like the idea of trying a runner with alternating strips.

I LOVE Mallo!

Looking forward to more spinning and experimenting. I think Mallo will be my go-to warp for my handspun projects.