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Course Only - Beginner Tapestry Weaving with Rebecca Mezoff

Learn to weave tapestry! This listing is for the online course only. Purchase a bundle with the course, yarn, and a Mirrix Saffron loom here

Introduction to Tapestry Weaving is Rebecca Mezoff’s newest online course. In it you’ll learn the most important introductory concepts to create your own artistic tapestries on small, simple looms. Rebecca’s video-based style walks you through how to make basic forms, mix colors, and finish your first tapestries. She presents four projects in the course along with options for you to vary them once you understand the concepts. The course includes information about materials, terminology, further resources, and finishing techniques.

This course is for people who are interested in learning the foundational principles of tapestry weaving with video-based instruction. It is a great introduction to tapestry and if you end up loving tapestry weaving, Rebecca offers a $39 discount off her comprehensive Warp and Weft course. For more information about how Rebecca’s courses work, see the FAQ pages on her website.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Extraordinary Class - Amazing Teacher

I had never had interest in tapestry but I saw this kit and thought, why not try it? Rebecca is a fantastic teacher - so generous with her time, advice, and encouragement. I absolutely loved this course and have since purchased two additional Mirrix tapestry looms and the whole selection of Array yarn from Gist. Still weaving on my 8 harness floor loom but loving having the tapestry as well. One of the very best teachers I have ever had.

Fabulous Course and Great Instructor

I knew nothing about tapestry weaving when I bought this book. Rebecca is an exceptional instructor. Her written instructions are easy to follow and the book is full of advice and samples. The history of tapestry was fascinating, also. Buy this book if you want to learn about weaving.

Becky Barrett

I love this class! Rebecca is the perfect teacher and gives easy to understand instructions. Thank you for offering it.

Jean Kastanek
Beginner Tapestry Weaving with Rebecca Mezoff

This is one of the best weaving tutorials I've taken. Rebecca clearly explains and demonstrates the weaving techniques, and she does so slowly and methodically. All with a smile. There is so much information here, I feel like I got more than my money's worth. The Gist Array yarn was a good choice for this course; I'm having fun playing with its colors. I plan on taking more of Rebecca's courses in the future

Linda Yeatts
Awesome kit for beginner or intermediate tapestry weaver

How perfect this kit is for new and intermediate tapestry weavers. Everything you need in one place and i also ordered the beginners starter kit!! I especially enjoy learning and renewing tapestry knowledge with Mezoff’ techniques. I can do classes on my own schedule and pace! Just color me thrilled