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This week on the podcast Sarah is talking to Natalie Novak, a tapestry weaver in Portland Oregon and the founder of Combed Thunder. Natalie draws from ancient and contemporary weaving techniques to explore color, mythology, folklore, and the (super) natural world. Sarah was lucky to have the opportunity to take an in person tapestry weaving class with Natalie almost two years ago, at the Weaving Kind Makerie retreat, and truly loved her bold use of colors and shapes and encouraging teaching style.Comment below to keep the conversation going!

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natalie novak
natalie novak
natalie novak
natalie novak
natalie novak
natalie novak
natalie novak
natalie novak
natalie novak
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August 31, 2019
Tags: Weaving



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Carrie Gordon

Carrie Gordon said:

Fascinating Podcast with Natalie Novak. Great questions for leading the discussion. Natalie Novak’s work is beautiful. Especially loved that she is using wool and specifically Navajo Churro. Thank you!!

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