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Weekend Rug Weaving Pattern for Rigid Heddle or Floor Looms

Weekend Rug Weaving Pattern

About the Weekend Rug Weaving Pattern

This quick handwoven rug designed by Emma Rhodes is a perfect summer project! Get it warped and woven in a weekend, and have a beautiful new rug for for your own home or to give as a gift. Weave it on your floor loom or your rigid heddle loom, with an 8-dent reed. 

Weaving Yarn Requirements

* Please note, we no longer carry this yarn, but you are welcome to use this pattern as inspiration! *

  • Warp: 1 Cone 8/8 Un-Mercerized Cotton - Navy Blue
  • Weft: 4 Skeins Mountain Meadow Wool Tapestry Rug Wool Weaving Yarn - Jeans (for other color combos try Raspberry cotton with Black Raspberry wool, Light Gray cotton with Dove wool, or Chocolate cotton with Maple Syrup wool - or mix and match cotton and wool to choose your own colors - multi-colored stripes would also look lovely in this rug!) 
  • Note - You will weave with double strands of the weft (see description below for instructions)

Weaving Warp for the Weekend Rug

Pattern Details

  • Equipment: 4-shaft floor loom or rigid Heddle loom, 8 dent reed, ~12" stick shuttle (Note that the rug will look a bit different (still beautiful) if woven on the rigid heddle loom - see rigid heddle loom details below)
  • EPI: 8 
  • Width in reed: 24"
  • Warp length: 2 yards
  • Length measured under tension on loom: 36" 
  • Finished Size: 21 x 40" (including 2.5" fringe on both sides) 
  • Finishing details: Hem stitch & twisted fringe

4-shaft Floor Loom Details

  • Threading: 4-3-2-1
  • Tie up: 1-2,3-4 (this means that two adjacent warp threads will lift together)
  • Treadle: 1,2,1,2 

Rigid Heddle Loom Adaptation

  • Threading: One warp thread per slot/hole
  • On a rigid heddle loom, you can only do Tabby Weave (you cannot lift two adjacent warp threads together). So in the adaptation for Rigid Heddle looms, the weft thread goes over and under each warp thread. This means that in your final rug, some of the warp thread will also remain visible, resulting in a beautiful interplay between the 8/8 cotton and the wool weft. 

Weekend Rug on the Loom

Weekend Rug Warp and Weft

Emma's dog, Gouda, sitting on the finished Weekend Rug

Emma writes: "I have been weaving for 7 years and this is my first rug! For this project I wanted to weave a simple, weft faced rug that would accentuate the color variations in the Tapestry Rug Wool from Mountain Meadow Wool Mill.

I wound the skeins into center pull balls and wrapped two strands around the stick shuttle. By weaving with double strands, the variations in the color really begin to pop! The gradation from dark to light reminds me of some of the beautiful denim rag rugs I have seen recently.

There was more draw-in then I anticipated so you can also go slightly wider at the reed, maybe 26". I love the polished look of hem stitch (tutorial here) and twisted fringe. I am looking forward to working with more colors, patterns and rug sizes in the future!"

Finished Weekend Rug

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