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Is There A Difference Between Weaving And Knitting Yarn?

It’s common that people will start weaving after already falling in love with other crafts like knitting or crochet, and many people wonder if they can use the knitting yarn that’s already in their stash for weaving. Great question!

While there are sometimes differences between yarn that was manufactured specifically for weavers as opposed to specifically for knitters, that doesn’t mean you can’t weave with a yarn that was “meant” for knitting. Typically, yarn manufactured specifically for weaving is a bit stronger and less stretchy so that it can stand up to the abrasion of the heddles as the shafts rise and fall, and of the reed when the yarn is beaten, or packed. Also, weaving yarn tends to be sold on cones, which are easier to wind a warp from, whereas knitting yarn is often sold in skeins.

But a big part of the fun of weaving is experimenting with different kinds of materials, and allowing yourself to be inspired by whatever strikes your fancy. If you’re just starting out, we encourage you to do a few projects with Beam, our beginner-friendly cotton, to get a feel of your loom and process. Then after you have a few introductory weaving projects under your belt, I encourage you to explore whatever yarn your heart desires!

Want to learn more about weaving yarn? Download our free guide to choosing yarn.