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Summer Reading List for Weavers

Instead of my regularly scheduled weaving inspiration, I'm popping onto the blog today to share some recommended summer reading for your last few weeks of August. Bring these books to the beach or your back porch to soak up new inspiration for your weaving.

Woven shibori

Reading Woven Shibori by Catharine Ellis a few years ago opened me up to the magical world of new kinds of weaving and dyeing. Even if you aren't a dyer, these pages will be filled with inspiration for you! 


koel magazine

Koel Magazine is a stunningly beautiful Dutch magazine that I stock in my shop. 160 pages stuffed with all things yarn and design, including project ideas with instructions, inspiring artist interviews, and drop dead gorgeous photography.


adventures in yarn farming

Adventures in Yarn Farming describes a year in the life of a New England fiber farm, interspersed with gorgeous photos and knitting and weaving patterns.


a weavers garden

My copy of A Weaver's Garden by Rita Buchanan is so dog-eared and spattered with dyebath water that I probably need to get a new one. If you love plants and color and weaving and you don't have this book, change that immediately! 


handwoven table linens

Tom Kinsley has a great new book of Handwoven Table Linens.


weaving iridescence

I also have my eye on Weaving Iridescence by Bobbie Irwin, which is releasing September 1 - can't wait to dive into it.

Back to the regularly scheduled #weaversofinstagram feature next Friday! In the meantime, I hope some these books spark your creativity. What are your favorite weaving books? Comment below, I'm always on the lookout for new resources!