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Skyline Tea Towels

Beginner Rigid Heddle Skyline Tea Towels

Skyline Tea Towels 

These playful striped tea towels designed by Anett Hrabovszki are woven with  8/2 Un-Mercerized Cotton Weaving Yarn on a rigid heddle loom. The cotton threads are doubled and woven in plain weave, creating a soft basket weave texture with extra durability. Colorful stripes are woven throughout the cloth making each towel one-of-a-kind. 

You can download an updated version of this pattern and purchase a kit here.

Beginner Rigid Heddle Skyline Tea Towels
Beginner Rigid Heddle Skyline Tea Towels


Warp & Weft:4 cones of8/2 Un-Mercerized Brassard Cotton Weaving Yarn. Anett used Natural for the warp and a mix of colors for the weft. 

Beginner Rigid Heddle Skyline Tea Towels

Project Notes

  • Tools Required: Rigid heddle loom with a 10 dent reed, boat shuttle & bobbins, or stick shuttles
  • EPI: 10 (2 ends per hole and slot, doubled up)
  • Width at Reed: 22"
  • Warp Ends: 440 
  • Warp Length: 84" 
  • Draft: Tabby 
  • Finished Dimensions: A set of 2 towels that measure approximately 20" x 30" each
  • Finishing Details: Hand or machine sewn hem, or hem stitch 
  • Care Instructions: Machine wash and tumble dry low 
Beginner Rigid Heddle Skyline Tea Towels

Weaving & Finishing 

Warp Color Order: Wind a warp with the Natural 8/2 Cotton (or color of your choice) for a total of 440 warp ends. Sley the reed with 2 ends per slot and per hole in a 10 dent reed. You can also use the direct warping method.

Anett writes, "When direct warping, pull the threads through each slot and each hole. This will automatically give you the double threads."

For more information on direct warping, watch this video by Ashford Wheels & Looms

Weft Color Order: Weave with the weft yarn doubled in a color order of your choice. (See Anett's suggestions below). If you would like fringe, make sure to leave a few inches of space at the beginning and end of each towel.

Anett writes, "To double the weft, I wind my yarn into a center-pull ball, grab both the inner and outer ends, wind them onto the shuttle and weave as if it was just one strand.

Mix it up with your accent color(s). There are absolutely no restrictions! Go with the flow, weave whatever color or pattern you feel like weaving at the moment. No two towels are the same and the end result is always a (good) surprise! Have fun!"

Here are a few examples:

Color A (same as warp)

Color B & Color C (accent colors)

  • A(x15 picks ) B(x10 picks) A(x10 picks)
  • A(x3) B A(x3) B
  • A B A B
  • A B C A B C
  • C(x2) B(x2)
  • C(x2) A C(x2) A

Finishing: Anett writes, "The towels can be hemmed by hand while on the loom or machine hemmed on a sewing machine after it's been taken off the loom.

If hemming by hand, weave a couple of inches, hem, then continue weaving. When the desired length is woven, hem the other end, place separators - twice the length of desired fringe (I prefer fringes less than 1" so my separators are 2" total). Once separators are in place, repeat steps with second towel.

If hemming on a sewing machine, take towels off the loom (keep separators in place). Sew with matching thread and wide zig-zag stitch about 1/4" from the end. Go over same line twice to ensure a strong hem that will hold up to frequent washing. Do this at both ends and next to separators as well. There may be a couple of weft threads that didn't get caught, those can be pulled out.

Cut towels apart in between separators. Cut the two long ends shorter so they don't tangle much in the wash (doesn't have to be exact at this point).

Wash, dry, iron. Even out fringes - I use a see through quilters ruler and cut my fringes to about 1/2".

Admire your new kitchen towels."

Tips & Tricks: "Expect about 10-15% shrinkage from on the loom dimensions to after washing. This is due to the tension and the nature of the 100% cotton yarn. Modifying the size is easy! Warp wider or narrower, weave longer or shorter to suit your needs. These towels can also be made with 8/4 cotton (single warp/weft) or 8/2 cotton with double warp & single weft."

Beginner Rigid Heddle Skyline Tea Towels


Hi, my name is Anett, I live in Charleston, SC. I have two small children, an awesome husband and a part time job. Crafting is my time to relax and unwind at the end of the day. You name a craft, I most likely have tried it. I have only been weaving a few months but wish I would've discovered it long ago! I don't normally have big chunks of time to weave and don't have a dedicated studio, so I needed a project that is quick, doesn't require a lot of calculating and can be put away and picked back up without having to rethink the pattern. And so the Skyline towels were born! They turn out pretty, can immediately be put to use and make great gifts.

Beginner Rigid Heddle Skyline Tea Towels