Rep Weave Trivets by Arianna E. Funk

by Arianna E. Funk

Viken Trivets Rep Weave Pattern by Arianna E Funk

About the Viken Trivets designed by Arianna E. Funk.

The Viken Trivets showcase the vibrant blocks of color you can achieve with this warp-faced weave structure. Viken means ‘the inlet’ or ‘the cove’ in Swedish, a sheltered spot on the coast. The design is an abstract sun glowing just below the horizon, the view from our small boats after weathering the storm. The slubbiness of Mallo offers subtle texture and glimpses of the weft.

In rep weave, the alternating color patterns are created entirely through the warp color order. By alternating between thick and thin wefts, you change the blocks of color that can be shown.

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 Viken Trivets

Warp & Weft Yarn Requirements

Warp Yarn

Mallo Cotton Slub, 160 yds Butter, 405 yds Honey, 395 yds Aster; 960 yds total

Weft Yarn

Mallo Cotton Slub, 225 yds Butter, 40 yds Honey, 290 yds Aster; 585 yds total


Project Requirements


  • 4 shaft table or floor loom
  • 12 dent reed
  • One boat shuttle with bobbins and one stick shuttle


  • 10" weaving width
  • 36 EPI
  • 10 PPI in plain weave, approximately 6 PPI in rep weave (3 thick and 3 thin)
  • Four trivets, two 10.5" x 10.5", two 11.75" x 10.5"


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