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Echo Baby Blanket

Echo Baby Blanket Weaving Pattern

About the Echo Baby Blanket Weaving Pattern

The Echo Baby Blanket is a lightweight and versatile baby blanket woven with a multi-shaft loom using just three cones of 8/2 Un-Mercerized Cotton Weaving Yarn. Soft pastel hues and delicate stripes mimic the pattern of an echo. The Echo Baby Blanket weaving pattern was Designed by Katte Geneta for Gist Yarn

Choose to weave one of two sizes—a large square (~36" W x 37" L) or small rectangle (~24" W x 37" L). 

You can download an updated version of this weaving pattern at the link below, or scroll on to preview the pattern as it was originally written. 

Download PDF of this pattern

Echo Baby Blanket Weaving Pattern

Katte writes, "Baby blankets are great for tummy time, as a car seat or stroller blanket, as a newborn swaddle, a nursing cover, or as a handmade baby shower gift. The Echo Baby Blanket folds up thinly and can be tucked into baby's diaper bag without taking up much space. A draft designed for flexibility, colors can easily be changed to match baby's nursery theme or resized to fit your needs."

Yarn needed for the Echo Baby Blanket

Weaving Yarn Needed for the Echo Baby Blanket Pattern

Warp and Weft: 3 cones of 8/2 Un-mercerized Cotton Weaving Yarn in a variety of colors. See Katte's suggested yarn colors below.

Echo Baby Blanket Weaving Pattern

Echo Baby Blanket Weaving Pattern

Weaving Project Details

Tools Required: 40"+ 2-4 shaft floor loom* (for the large size), or 30"+ floor/table loom with 2 or 4 shafts (for the small size), 12 dent reed, shuttle & bobbins, sewing machine (optional)

*Looking for a baby blanket you can weave on a rigid heddle loom? Check outWindowpane Blanket, a free pattern by Christine Jablonski.

EPI: 18 (thread the reed 1-2) 

Width at Reed: Large: 40" | Small: 28"

Warp Ends: Large: 720 | Small: 504

Warp Length: Large: 2.25 yards (81") 

Draft: Tabby weave  / plain weave

Finished Dimensions: Large: ~ 36" W x 37" L | Small: ~ 24" W x 37" L 

Finishing Details: Hand or machine sewn 3/4" hem (First hem? See How to Hem Handwoven Fabric)

Care Instructions: Machine wash warm, tumble dry low


Echo Baby Blanket Weaving Pattern

How to Weave the Echo Baby Blanket

Color A = Beige (main color)

Color B = Dusty Blue (accent color)

Color C = White (warp color)

Warp Instructions

Wind a warp with Color C for a total of 720 warp ends for the large size, or 504 warp ends for the small size. 

Weaving Instructions

Use sewing thread as the weft for 3/4" at the beginning and end of the blanket. This will allow the fabric hem to be thinner when turned under for hemstitching. 

Weft Color Order

3/4" sewing thread weft (for hem)

Color A - 24 picks (header)

Echo Pattern Block:

Color A - 8 picks 

Color B - 1 pick*

Color A - 1 pick

Repeat from * 5 times

Color B - 4 picks 

Color B - 1 pick**

Color A - 1 pick 

Repeat from ** 5 times 

Color A - 8 picks

Color B - 2 picks

Color A - 8 picks

Color B - 2 picks

Color A - 8 picks 

Color B - 2 picks 

Repeat Echo Pattern Block from the beginning until the blanket is approximately 39" long.

After you've woven the repeating Echo blocks, weave the following:

Color A - 24 picks (header)

3/4" sewing thread weft (for hem)

Finishing the Echo Baby Blanket

Echo Baby Blanket Weaving Pattern

How to Finish the Echo Baby Blanket

Once you have finished weaving, zig zag stitch your edges to secure the fabric for washing. Machine wash and dry your blanket. Finish by turning over the 3/4" sewing thread hems and hemstitching by hand or machine.

Echo Baby Blanket Tip

Tips and Tricks

  • Start with Color A going from right to left, and start Color B going from left to right. 
  • For a neat selvedge, carry your alternating weft colors up the selvedge. To do this, loop one weft color over the other at the selvedge, interlocking them, to prevent floats. (See photo). Here is a helpful post on Interweave about carrying multiple weft threads up the selvedge.
"I learned to weave while pregnant with my son so it's only fitting that I make a baby-themed weaving draft! Inspired by neutral colors and horizon lines, my aim for this draft is simplicity and straightforwardness—in design, in materials, and in time expended--while accommodating size and color changes with ease and beauty." - Katte
Katte Geneta

About the Designer

Katte Geneta is an artist who lives and works in New York City. She studied Fine Art and Philosophy as a Dean's Scholarship and Grant Recipient at Fordham University in New York, NY. Katte's work is in private collections and has been shown in galleries internationally. Her work is characterized by limited palettes and forms that evoke quietude and stillness. The ocean, islands, and land are common threads repeated throughout her work. She is currently studying weaving and indigenous Filipino textiles, and is a museum studies student at Harvard University. She also works as a designer, editor, and photographer for a museum in New York City.

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