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Rigid Heddle Dish Towels Pattern


rigid heddle dish towels pattern

About the Rigid Heddle Dish Towels Pattern

If you're just getting started on a rigid heddle loom, or are simply looking for a quick project you can weave in a weekend, these rigid heddle dish towels using our organic cotton are just what you need. Although this pattern was designed with beginner rigid heddle loom weavers in mind, it can easily be made on a 4-shaft loom too. The Rigid Heddle Dish Towels are woven with three colors of Beam Organic Cotton, a soft, hardy, 100% USA-made cotton yarn perfect for weaving dish towels, home textiles, apparel, and more. Designed by Sarah Resnick.

Download the free pattern here

rigid heddle dish towels pattern woven with beam organic cotton

Weaving Yarn Needed for Rigid Heddle Dish Towels

Warp & Weft:  3 cones of Beam Organic Cotton

Weaver Project Notes

How to Weave the Dish Towels on a Rigid Heddle Loom

Warp Yarn

  • Color A = Natural
  • Color B = Lemon
  • Color C = Dandelion
Warp Color Order: Warp the loom using your preferred method for a total of 216 ends, 2.5 yards (90”) long following the warp chart. Center for a weaving width of 18” and sley 1 end per hole and slot in a 12 or 12.5 dent reed.
  • 36 ends Color A 
  • 6 ends Color B
  • 24 ends Color C
  • 6 ends Color B
  • 72 ends Color A
  • 6 ends Color B
  • 24 ends Color C
  • 6 ends Color B
  • 36 ends Color A 

Weft Yarn

Weft Color Order:  Weave the first towel with Yarn B and the second towel with Yarn C. Each towel should measure 26” long in loom. Weave with scrap yarn for 1” in between the towels. 

How to Wet Finish the Rigid Heddle Dish Towels

  1. Zig zag stitch the unfinished edges.
  2. Machine wash cold and hang to dry or tumble dry low.
  3. Cut the towels apart at the center of the scrap yarn divider.
  4. Finish with a hand or machine sewn hem - if this is your first hem, check out our tutorial on hemming handwoven fabric.


rigid heddle dish towels

Adaptation to Weave Dish Towels on A Multi-Shaft Loom

On a 4-shaft loom, you can thread your project for plain weave. This means warping your yarn 1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4 across the width of your warp. Then thread a 12-dent reed with one yarn strand per dent. Follow the weft color order and the rest of the project pattern as written above.

What to Weave Next

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Resources and Tutorials for Rigid Heddle Weavers

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About the Designer

Sarah Resnick is the Founder of Gist Yarn. She learned how to weave in Toronto in 2009, and was hauling a loom from Craigslist up to her apartment two months later...she’s never looked back since! Sarah manages Gist Yarn’s finances, works to keep our team happy and thriving, and builds partnerships with mills and dyehouses to bring new lines of yarn to life. 

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