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Mallo Cotton Slub Weaving Yarn ~ Eclipse

$ 25.00 USD


Mallo is a gorgeous thick and thin cotton slub yarn that is sure to be a new favorite. Suitable for warp and weft, this wonderful textured yarn is great for throws, baby blankets, absorbent towels, waffle weave...the possibilities are endless.

Use it on a rigid heddle, table, or floor loom. Recommended sett of 8 -16 epi. 

Cotton grown in the USA - 55% organic / 45% conventional. Spun and dyed in North Carolina.

Comes on 1/2 lb. (8 oz) cones with about 750 yards per cone.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 88 reviews
I Couldn’t Be Happier!

My Mallo towel washed and dried beautifully! Look at the gorgeous texture! And it is soooo soft. Can’t wait to make a summer top with this most wonderful cotton! Keeping my fingers crossed that you might add some browns/chestnuts into your color choices!

Mallo Cotton Slub

I ordered just 1 color, 1 cone to see how I liked it. Then I ordered more! I've now used it in a warp (mixed with cotton and cottolin) and as a weft. It is easy to use and looks beautiful. In a weft-facing weave, it shows off the flake texture. I normally use chenille so comparing Mallo on softness, it is more crisp and less reflective of light. I would call it 'subtle'. I hand washed it to full, line dried, then fluffed in the dryer on an air cycle. I touched it up just a little with low heat and steam. It was an experiment, using up left-over warp from a different project. I thought it turned out very nice. I will definitely continue to use Mallo. When I looked through a couple of the reviews, it looks like a lot of rigid heedle users. I weave on an 8 harness Schacht Mighty Wolf that I love. I can crank up the tension on the warp and Mallo can take it.


I’ve only been weaving ( RH) for a year now, but have been pretty busy making gifts for friends and family. I found Gist early on, and it’s predominantly what I use.I started with Duet, but when I needed some particular colors I tried Mallo. It is now my go-to yarn! I just make up patterns based on colors I have on hand. If I have a novelty yarn or a yarn not strong enough for warp, I always use Mallo for the warp, and all the projects have turned out so lovely! It softens up so nicely. It worked perfectly for a baby blanket I made. My only complaint would be that we need more colors! Yellows, reds, etc!

In Love With Mallo!

I have just started a kitchen towel for myself - just for pretty - and I am already in love with Mallo. It behaved beautifully while warping. No splitting, which I worried a little about with the slubs, wondering if my hook would get snarled while sleying, but there was never an issue. It was very easy to manage while cranking onto the beam, much less trouble to keep straight, and less sticking together than cottolin or the Brassard 8/2 cotton that I have used in the past. I love how it looks in the weft, too. Oh, and it is fantastic about making a clean shed! I have not had a single float, and that is a first, for me! It has saved me so much time, seriously. Here are a few photos for now, and I’ll report back after it’s finished. I’m a happy camper!

Tea towels

At first I was not sure my rigid heddle could do it using the mallo slub. I had always used the cheap bigger cotton yarn. I put it on the 7.5 reed and thought no way is this going to work. The yarn is to far apart. I was wrong after washing it all came together and super soft. Still I double warped the second set and even better. The slub gives it an added visual interest.