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Chroma - Set of Three Patterns

Chroma was designed by Christine Novotny for lovers of color and chroma-phobes alike. Through three playful projects, you will learn some basic tenets of color theory to guide in color exploration, look at drafts to determine whether a weave blends or separates colors, and learn tips for winding stripes and using colors in proportion.

The bundle includes three pdf patterns, each with a letter from Christine that provides tutorials and weaving advice to guide you.

This collection of patterns was originally published as an installment of our Weave Quarterly subscription box series, which you can learn more about here


  • 4-shaft loom with at least 24" of weaving width
  • 12-dent reed (a 15-dent reed can also be used for the Blocks Pillow pattern)
  • 2-3 boat shuttles and bobbins
  • Four pieces of pre-shrunk cotton or linen fabric 21” W x 14” L,
    two 20" x 20” pillow forms, sewing machine or supplies for hand sewing, fringe twister

Project and Yarn Details

  • Supplemental Warp Scarf
    Yarn Requirements: 2 cones Duet in Chambray, 1 cone Duet in Rust, 1 cone Ode in Sunflower
  • Complements Rug
    Yarn Requirements: 2 cones Beam 3/2 in Tangerine, 1 cone Mallo in Frost, 1 cone Duet in Chambray
  • Blocks Pillow (set of 2)
    Yarn Requirements: 2 cones of Duet in Apricot, 1 cone of Duet in Coral, 1 cone of Ode in Blossom

Customer Reviews

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Debbie S.

Christine, I love looking at this picture and your choice of color combinations. I am drawn to color more than pattern. But I like your color with pattern combinations.
I especially like your pillow pattern. I had been looking for a draft like this. However, I ended up using a Davison. A Handweaver's Pattern Book grouped warp threads pattern, Six-Fold Basket Weave, pg.48, #9. I wanted some of the warp to show through and use several colors for a set of towels.
I'm going to play with different variations. I like the graduated (Fibonacci) stripes in the rug pattern and might use that in the weft with the basket weave.
I like to weave things that look more difficult than they are. I'm not a fast, rhythmic weaver, but kind of design as I go, almost playing.
So, thank you for these inspiring patterns and weavings. Weave on!!!!
Debbie Schluckebier