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Blue Hour Tapestry

Blue Hour Tapestry

Designed by Petra Marciniak

This playful tapestry uses a technique called meet and separate to weave an abstract atmosphere of bold shapes and colors. The design is sketched directly onto the warp threads before weaving, creating a piece that is hand-drawn and one-of-a-kind. This pattern is recommended for beginner and intermediate tapestry weavers who have completed a couple of projects and have a knowledge of the fundamental techniques. Order a kit.


  • Tapestry loom
  • Tapestry bobbins or weaving needles, tapestry beater, tapestry needle


Warp: Cotton Seine Twine, approximately 30 yds (depending on the size of your loom)

Weft: Cotton Seine Twine, 10 yds; Array Wool, 100 yds each Array White, Ocean-1, Ocean-3, Meadow-2, Flamingo-1, Flamingo-4


  • 9.4" weaving width
  • 8 EPI
  • 36-40 PPI
  • One tapestry, 9" W x 11" L + fringe
  • Skill level: Beginner

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Wendy Harrison
wonderful pattern

Gist is generous with free tapestry patterns, and this one is perfect for working on curved shapes. I recommend it highly. I'm using my wonderful Array yarns for the pattern and loving the process.

Karen Tieken
Beautiful tapestry and a fun project to weave

The Blue Hour free tapestry design by Petra Marciniak was a wonderful way for me to start a weave every day in April Challenge. It is much larger than my normal “tiny tapestries”, but helped me to hone my meet and separate skills as well as practice a little patience because there was no way I could finish it in just a couple days. My version of the Blue Hour turned out beautiful and I am very grateful to Petra and Gist Yarn for giving me the opportunity to create it.