Array Wool Yarn ~ Black

Array is our 2/12 worsted spun wool yarn. Made from wool grown on ranches out West (primarily Corriedale and Columbia sheep), and spun and dyed in North Carolina. It is 2-ply, thin (3,360 yards per lb), and hardy.

Yarn Details

  • 4 oz cones have 840 yards. 1 oz tubes have 210 yards.
  • Tapestry weavers can use Array as a weft in bundles of 3 or 4, in tapestries with a recommended sett of 8 epi.
  • Multi-shaft weavers can use Array as a warp or weft, with a recommended sett of 20-24 epi.
  • Hand wash in cold water with a gentle soap suitable for wool, and lay flat to dry. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Gist Array One Touch Is All You Need

One touch and I knew this was a beautiful yarn. The color range with all those gradients takes this yarn over the top.

Michele Nelson
Array Has It All

I love Array! I appreciate the fine quality of the yarn, along with the option of choosing the number of strands you want to use. And who can not love the variations in hue? Weft bundling is awesome.


I’m a very new tapestry weaver and learned to love Array through Rebecca Mezoff’s online course. So excited to get this yarn and pre-order the next set of colors! Gist has terrific customer service and I’m glad I found them through Handwoven magazine!

Jodi Wright
Array Yarn

This yarn is wonderful to work with. The color gradations are great and consistent. Gist has quick service and the yarns are well displayed on their website.
I very much look forward to the new Array colors this winter

Gail D
A Good Yarn

Array is a great yarn for tapestry. I use it tripled which allows for color mixing and great color transitions. The Gist company is responsive and easy to deal with. Also, they are in the USA!! Everything is a plus!