Rose Colored Glasses Towels

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Rose Colored Glasses Towels

Designed by Christine Tsai

Monk’s Belt is a block weave that can create deceptively complex geometric patterns but is actually a very simple structure. It is effectively a two-block overshot, threaded on opposites and woven on four shafts with supplementary weft floats over a plain weave ground. These towels utilize a combination of stripes, colors, and Monk’s Belt blocks to create a visually engaging pattern, intended to provide a bright spot in your home but also to serve as a hopeful reminder to look at the bright side of things and savor the present moment.

Note: This pattern uses 590 yds of Cerise, which is almost the entire cone. 39” are included in this pattern for loom waste, sampling, and take-up. If your loom requires extra, we recommend purchasing an additional cone of Cerise. Order a kit.


  • 4 shaft table or floor loom
  • 12 dent reed
  • At least two boat shuttles and three bobbins


Warp: Duet Cotton/Linen, 105 yds Sun, 400 yds Cerise; 505 yds total

Weft: Duet Cotton/Linen, 180 yds Sun, 190 yds Cerise; Beam Organic Cotton, 105 yds Blush; 475 yds total


  • 16.8" weaving width
  • 12 EPI
  • 14 PPI in plain weave, 28 PPI in Monk's Belt (14 tabby + 14 pattern)
  • Two towels, 14.5” W x 21.5” L

Customer Reviews

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Evelyn Hoogland

I live in Australia and ordered the pattern only, the online process was easy and efficient. Looking forward to making these beautiful towels.

Mead Maker
Rose Colored Glasses Towels

I love Monk's Belt and bought this pattern as it has a slightly different take. I haven't made them yet, but will enlarge the pattern as I like a larger dishtowel!

Pretty Towels

I haven’t started the towels yet but I’m looking forward to weaving them. I’m planning to make them for my DIL because they just happen to be her favorite colors! I do have to say that I really appreciate the designer’s note on the draft that the tie up was for a rising shed loom. I have a sinking shed loom so now I am able to make the adjustment before weaving, thus saving myself the trouble of having to look at the underside of my fabric for the pattern! This was a great idea! I wish more designers would indicate this small detail on their drafts.