Guide to Choosing and Using your First Rigid Heddle Loom - Free PDF Download

Wondering how to choose and use your first rigid heddle loom? Download this guide for the full scoop!

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Fair warning: you're going to be tempted to get yourself a rigid heddle loom (or 3!)

Customer Reviews

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Sylvie Perry

Je ne peux diploïde le livre

Arnold Tovornik
Choosing a Loom

Very helpful information for beginners. At first I wanted to go as big as possible but I reconsidered and bought a 28“ loom. Throwing a 40“ shuttle wouldn‘t have been that easy, and you can allways sew pieces together. I made a beautiful 64x80“ blanket from chunky wool. For most projects a 25 to 30“ loom will do and will be much easier to handle. Thank you!

Susan Redman
Rigid Heddle Instructions

I was given a vintage Rigid Heddle Loom - a bit different to weaving on my floor loom. The advice was very helpful and clearly written. My grandson aged 10 loved using the loom to make friendship bracelet bands .

Geraldine Anderson
New weaver

I wish to thank you for the Guide to rigid heddle weaving.I found it very helpful new to weaving you need to get this. Thank You

Jennifer D
Beginner's Guide to Rigid Heddle Weaving

This review was very helpful in educating me, not only on what a rigid heddle is, but also on what would be a good option to buy. I ended up purchasing a rigid heddle loom, my first ever loom, with the guidance of this guide!