Tweed and Twill Pillowcover Weave-Along Bundle

We're thrilled to partner with Liz Gipson of Yarnworker for her Winter Weave-Along - read all about why we love Weave-Alongs, and what's so special about this yarn here.

This oversized pillow was designed for serious lounging. The fabric is a 1/3 twill woven with two 5-dent heddles in a hardy wool grown in the USA and spun and dyed by Mountain Meadow Wool Mill. Liz will offer some options for weaving it with a single heddle, which is best used to weave a narrower version of the project. Find all details for the Yarnworker Weavealong here

The large pillow as written is 21.5 x 21.5 inch pillow with an 8” flap, - for this option you should buy the Large bundle. For those who only have 15-inch looms, you can weave a small 12 x 12 inch version using the Small bundle. 

Equipment Needed: