Array Wool Yarn ~ Meadow

Array is our 2/12 worsted spun wool yarn. Made from wool grown on ranches out West (primarily Corriedale and Columbia sheep), and spun and dyed in North Carolina. It is 2-ply, thin (3,360 yards per lb), and hardy.

Yarn Details

  • 4 oz cones have 840 yards. 1 oz tubes have 210 yards.
  • Tapestry weavers can use Array as a weft in bundles of 3 or 4, in tapestries with a recommended sett of 8 epi.
  • Multi-shaft weavers can use Array as a warp or weft, with a recommended sett of 20-24 epi.

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Array yarns

I love this yarn for my tapestries. I like being able to choose which value of any hue.

Array yarn

Love this yarn for my tapestry projects. Beats in nicely, not overly fuzzy. Lots of color choices and gradients that can be purchased in small amounts.

Margaret Wright
Gist heaven!

I loved this wool. I wish I were more creative with it making only the Gist pink and gold weaving but it wove like a dream and I think looks great. If you want a photo of my little weaving will be happy to do so if You tell me how!

Barbara Provest
Yea Array!

Threaded at 20 epi I just finished a 3 yard 18-1/2" shawl in 7 lovely Gist colors All went well. Tried my luck at designing a free form tartan in both warp and weft. Colors blended beautifully. Can't wait to wear it!

Kim Newell
Ocean waves on the way

Can't wait to get my current project off the loom for the next one. Now that I have all of the ocean gradients, I'm ready to do my wave project. Been waiting for a bit so I'm sure I'll finish it in a day or two - ha. Beautiful yarn and colors are exquisite.