Episode 25: Weaving as Art and Craft with Val Echavarria – GIST: Yarn & Fiber
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This week on the podcast, I’m thrilled to be talking to Val Echavarria. Val is an artist, weaver, and graphic designer in Pasadena, California. She creates a stunning range of woven art pieces, and also makes zipper pouches, tote bags, and other pieces from handwoven and hand-dyed materials. Plus...listen through to the end to hear about a new product Val developed for weavers that she launched last week! 

Val Echavarria's Website

Val Echavarria's Instagram

Val Echavarria's Shop


Melinda Sweeney

Melinda Sweeney said:

Your work is so beautiful, and you are inspiring, thank you for helping the non- profits…we need more of YOU!

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