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Weaver's PlayBox # 2 for Rigid Heddle Weavers - Towels

Weaver's PlayBox for Beginning and Intermediate Rigid Heddle Loom Weavers Cotton and Linen

Box #2 - Cotton & Linen

We are thrilled to collaborate with Liz Gipson of Yarnworker on Weaver's PlayBox # 2, that is filled with yarn, project inspiration, and helpful tips created especially for rigid heddle weavers.

Our second box is all about sharing our passion for cotton and linen in its many forms. The box is designed to take the anxiety out of choosing yarns for home textiles. Each box includes 5 skeins / cones of yarn from 4 of our favorite North American mills: Cestari in Virginia, Brassard in Quebec, Huntingdon Yarn Mill in Pennsylvania, and Meridian in North Carolina. Liz Gipson's beautifully designed 11-page PDF guide is packed with project information and techniques that teach you how to make 9 different towels on 3 different warps (see a few of these example towels in the photos). Your PlayBox includes enough yarn to choose and make at least 8 towels.  You will need a rigid heddle loom with at least a 15" weaving width, and a 10 dent heddle, to complete these projects. 

If you're just learning to weave* this is a great opportunity to get to know your loom, experiment with a range of cotton and linen yarns, and create some beautiful projects. And if you've already been weaving on your loom for a while, this box will introduce you to new materials and ideas that will help you flex your creativity and dream up new ideas for how to use your rigid heddle loom. 

To learn more about Liz Gipson and her teaching style, check out our latest podcast interview with Liz here


*If you have never woven anythingon a rigid heddle loom, we recommend you do a few projects first before diving into the Weaver's PlayBox. Send us an email at hello@gistyarn.com if you'd like some help picking your first rigid heddle project.

Weaver's PlayBox for Beginning and Intermediate Rigid Heddle Loom Weavers
Weaver's PlayBox for Beginning and Intermediate Rigid Heddle Loom Weavers

Choose Your Box

Weaver's PlayBox

Includes 5 skeins/cones of cotton and linen yarn from North American mills and a 10 page PDF guide packed with techniques and tips for rigid heddle weavers. 

Weaver's PlayBox Book Bundle

Includes the Weaver's PlayBox + a 78 page digital copy of Liz Gipson's brand new book, "A Weaver's Guide to Yarn."

Weaver's PlayBox Loom Bundle

Includes the Weaver's PlayBox Book Bundle (your choice of colorway), a 16" Ashford SampleIt Rigid Heddle Loom, a 7.5 dent reed, a 10 dent reed, and 2 pick up sticks. Everything you need to weave the PlayBox and so much more!

Community Facebook Group

Interested in seeing what people are weaving on their rigid heddle looms? Join the Weaver's PlayBox Facebook Group. This group is open to everyone - come follow along and share your projects & inspiration. 

Weaver's PlayBox for Beginning and Intermediate Rigid Heddle Loom Weavers
Weaver's PlayBox for Beginning and Intermediate Rigid Heddle Loom Weavers



Do I have to do PlayBox # 1 to do PlayBox # 2?

Nope!  You can do PlayBox # 2 even if you didn't do PlayBox # 1, but if you're intrigued, now is a great time to snap up both. PlayBoxes are open for sale for a limited time and then close again.  All PlayBox sales close this time on Tuesday February 11, 2020. 

When will PlayBox # 2 ship?

This is a pre-order - the mills are spinning the yarn just for us. We expect to ship in March 2020!

I want multiple colorways - is there a discount?

Yep! Since the pattern is the same for all colorways, you only pay for the pattern once. The first PlayBox # 2 you buy is $100, and any subsequent PlayBox #2 you purchase is $90 each. The same is true for PlayBox # 1 - the first you buy is $105, and any subsequent PlayBox #1 you purchase in the same order is $95 each. Buying *one* PlayBox # 1 and *one* PlayBox # 2 doesn't get you the discount (because you are paying for each pattern). 

PlayBox# 1 Discount Codes

  • 2WOOLBOXES ($10 off your total order for two wool PlayBoxes)
  • 3WOOLBOXES ($20 off your total order for three wool PlayBoxes)
  • 4WOOLBOXES ($30 off your total order for four wool PlayBoxes)
  • 5WOOLBOXES ($40 off your total order for five wool PlayBoxes)


PlayBox # 2 Discount Codes

  • 2COTTONBOXES ($10 off your total order for two of PlayBox # 2)
  • 3COTTONBOXES ($20 off your total order for three of PlayBox # 2)
  • 4COTTONBOXES ($30 off your total order for four of PlayBox # 2)

Is this a subscription box? Or just one box? 

This is Box # 2 in a series of boxes - each box focuses on a different type of project and material. You don't subscribe - you can choose which Box or Boxes you'd like when they are released.

It sold out before I got a chance to purchase! Why? When can I get a box? 

We are working with small US mills and supplies are very limited. But we don't want any sad weavers out there! We will release the PlayBoxes again - you can sign up to be notified when they are back in stock. Email hello@gistyarn.com with any questions.

How much does it cost to ship in the US? 

Shipping is usually $12-15 in the US (exact amount depending on location - we ship from Boston). We also offer free US shipping on all orders over $135, so if you want to add a bit more yarn or other weaving supplies to your box, you can qualify yourself for free shipping.

Do you ship internationally? 

We will happily ship it to you internationally - we ship everywhere! Please note that international customers are responsible for all taxes and duties. Shipping cost varies by destination - you can find your cost by adding the box to your cart and starting the checkout process. 

What equipment do I need? 

rigid heddle loom with a 10 dent reed, with at least 10" weaving width, pickup sticks, and stick shuttles

I want to get started with rigid heddle weaving - which loom should I choose? 

This free downloadable guide will introduce you to the basics! And send an email to hello@gistyarn.com and we'll help you get started with a first loom. 

I'm brand new to rigid heddle weaving - should I get the Weaver's PlayBox? 

We recommend you weave at least 1 or 2 projects to get the feel of your loom before trying the Weaver's PlayBox. Here's a great first project you can weave! Since you will have about a month until the PlayBox is delivered, you can definitely go ahead and order it now - just make sure you try some other projects before diving into your PlayBox. 

Do you offer the box in different colors? 

Yep! By popular demand, we are offering the PlayBox in four different colorways right off the bat. If you're someone who likes to follow a pattern exactly, we encourage you to buy the Original colorway, as that's what all of the instructions and photos are based off of.  

I have another question! Who do I ask? 

Please send an email to hello@gistyarn.com

Weaver's PlayBox for Beginning and Intermediate Rigid Heddle Loom Weavers