Mallo Pre-order

by Emma Rhodes

Through Thick & Thin

In August of 2019 we released Mallo, our second line of weaving yarn. Mallo is a thick and thin textured cotton that is grown, spun and dyed in the USA. Our customers love this yarn so much that it has been sold out for months, and we are excited to share that it will be fully restocked this June!

The initial release of Mallo was powered entirely by your pre-orders. As a small business, taking on a project like developing a new line of yarn would have been impossible without the support of our community. Your belief in our team and vision made all of this possible. 

This week we are introducing 5 new colorsto the Mallo line, bringing the collection to 12 shades.

We are once again inviting our community to be a part of this launch with a pre-order. Your support earns you a special pre-order discount (see details below), a free color card, and the joy that comes from supporting the US farmers, mill, and dye house that bring this yarn to life. 

Your yarn will ship in June 2020.

New Colors!

Pre-Order Options 

3 Cones + a color card for $75 ($90 value) 

- Add any 3 cones of Mallo and a Mallo Color Card to your cart 

- Enter code PREM3 at checkout to get the color card free

7 Cones + a color card for $150 ($190 value) 

- Add any 7 cones of Mallo and a Mallo Color Card to your cart

- Enter code PREM7 at checkout to get one of the cones free + the color card free

12 Cones + a color card for $250 ($315 value) 

- Add any 12 cones of Mallo and a Mallo Color Card to your cart

- Enter code PREM12 at checkout to get 2 of the cones free + the color card free



Which colors can I pre-order? Only the new ones?

All of them! You are welcome to mix and match existing and new colors. Simply add the number of cones you would like to your cart (3, 7, or 12 + a Mallo Color Card) and enter the associated code (PREM3, PREM7, or PREM12) at checkout to redeem the discount. 

When do these ship?

We expect to ship in June 2020.

Is Mallo suitable as a warp yarn?

Yes! Mallo can be used for both warp and weft. 

Is Mallo suitable for a rigid heddle loom?

Yes! We recommend using a 10 or 12 dent heddle. 

What should I weave with Mallo?

Browse our collection of Mallo weaving projects by clicking the links below. All of these patterns can be downloaded for free, simply add the PDF to your cart before checkout.

Rigid Heddle Mallo Weaving Projects 

Multi-Shaft Mallo Weaving Projects


Is your yarn shop interested in carrying Mallo? We'd love to connect with you to see if it's a good fit. 

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