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Introducing Duet

Duet Cotton Linen Weaving Yarn by Gist Yarn
Duet Cotton Linen Weaving Yarn by Gist Yarn

Introducing Duet

A beautiful, textured yarn designed especially for weavers. 

2 slubby plies of US grown cotton + 1 ply of French tow linen. Strong enough for warp, soft enough to wear next to skin, and hardy enough for kitchen towels. Recommended sett of 12-16 epi (making a lovely, drapey fabric with a 12-dent reed on a rigid heddle loom). Truly a versatile yarn that we hope will become a beloved staple on your loom for many kinds of projects. 

Spun at Huntingdon Yarn Mill in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and dyed at Spartan Dyers in Belmont, North Carolina. Anything you create with Duet will tell the story of the soul of place - the fields where it is grown, the mill where it is the spun, the colors that bring it to life.

Duet Yarn Pre-Order

$63 ~ 3 Cones

Buy 3 cones of Duet 
+ a free Color Card 

($79 value) 

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$147 ~ 7 Cones

Buy 7 cones of Duet 
 + a free Color Card 
($162 value)

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$231 ~ 12 Cones

Buy 11 cones of Duet 
Get 1 Free
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($267 value)

Pre-Order Now

55% linen / 45% cotton. 2,390 ypp. Suitable for warp and weft, on rigid heddle, table, and floor looms. Recommended sett of 12-16 epi. Comes on ¼ lb. cones with 600 yards per cone.

Why Pre-Orders?

So, why not wait until the yarn is ready to ship before starting to sell it?

The answer is pretty simple...I can’t! Starting a new line of yarn requires a pretty hefty deposit so that I can meet the minimum order quantities for the yarn mill. My little shop has been growing steadily (because of *your* support, so thank you!) but as a small, boot-strapped business without investors or deep pockets, I can’t quite float this on my own. I could have waited a few years, slowly saving up for the deposit...but I know how much you all are going to love this yarn, and I wanted to see if we could find a way to bring it to you faster.

That’s why I’m turning to you, dear weaving community - will you invest in bringing this yarn to life? By pre-ordering, you’ll play a direct role in making this yarn possible, helping us bring it to the looms of weavers everywhere, and supporting US textile manufacturing in the process. Plus all pre-orders will get a free color card of Duet, and first pick of color choices before anyone else can order (guaranteeing that your preferred colors won’t be sold out).

I expect to ship this yarn in June 2019. Hopefully it will ship sooner, but as with any manufacturing process, delays could happen. I appreciate your patience and support.

Duet Cotton Linen Weaving Yarn by Gist Yarn

Color Development

We are excited to be developing a color story featuring complementary hues, meant to play well together or shine on their own. These photos give you a glimpse into that color development process, but are not the final options. When the yarn is ready, you will be sent photos of the full line of yarn and will choose your colors then. Pre-ordering guarantees that your color choice will be in stock, and you will receive your yarn before it is available to everyone else.

Duet Cotton Linen Weaving Yarn by Gist Yarn

About Huntingdon Yarn Mill

Huntingdon Yarn Mill, a family-run business owned by Fay and Majid Jaraha, has been continuously operating making yarn in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania since 1940.  Many of their 50 employees live in the same neighborhood as the mill, and include siblings, spouses and family members of multiple generations working together. When I called Fay last spring to inquire about working with her mill for this line of yarn, she couldn’t have been more friendly, encouraging, and generous with her time as she walked me through the process of creating this yarn. I am so proud to be working with Huntingdon Yarn Mill to create Duet.

Duet Cotton Linen Weaving Yarn by Gist Yarn Huntingdon Mill

About Spartan Dyers

Spartan Dyers is a family-run dye house in Belmont, North Carolina. It was founded in 1988 by Alphonse Kelada, and is now owned and operated by his son George Kelada. They have state-of-the-art dyeing and production facilities, and will be package-dyeing Duet with fiber reactive dyes. Package dyeing is a method of dyeing that uses dramatically less water than skein dyeing, and fiber reactive dyes are widely known to be the most washfast and least toxic synthetic dye for cellulose fibers. I am excited to be working with Spartan Dyers to create a line of colors that will make Duet truly shine.

Duet Cotton Linen Weaving Yarn by Gist Yarn Spartan Dyers
Duet Cotton Linen Weaving Yarn by Gist Yarn Spartan Dyers


Is your yarn shop interested in carrying Duet? We'd love to work with you!