Twofold Subscription Box

Twofold is a quarterly subscription box for rigid heddle loom weavers, created by Christine Jablonski and Gist Yarn.

Each box will include 4-5 cones of Duet, Mallo, and/or Beam, and a corresponding weaving pattern that will be delivered to your email address as a high quality, printable PDF. All of the patterns will explore a variation of doubleweave on the rigid heddle loom. Subscribing also opts you in to regular email updates from Christine to encourage you throughout each of the patterns.

Project Details

The boxes will be released quarterly, in the following order:

  • Project One - Spa Set
  • Project Two - Shawl
  • Project Three - Throw Blanket
  • Project Four - Pillows (set of 2)


What type of loom and equipment do I need for this?

All projects require a rigid heddle loom at least 24" wide, two 10 dent heddles and two 12 dent heddles. You will also need two 24" pick-up sticks and a boat shuttle or stick shuttle.

If you have purchased a rigid heddle starter pack from us, you can purchase a doubleweave bundle here.

What is doubleweave?

Doubleweave is a rigid heddle technique of using two heddles and pick-up sticks to weave two layers of cloth. These layers can be completely separate, connected at one edge to create a double width cloth, or connected at both edges to weave a tube. In the first project we will simply use two heddles (no pick-up sticks) to weave a thicker, doubled sett, single layer cloth. While technically not doubleweave, the technique of threading two heddles serves as the foundation for the remaining projects.

How much does the subscription cost, and when will I be charged?

The cost is $115 per quarter + shipping, and you will be charged and receive it quarterly. This means that you will be charged $115 + shipping now, $115 + shipping 3 months from now, $115 + shipping 6 months from now, and $115 + shipping 9 months from now. Subscription boxes will ship within two weeks of your card being charged.

Do you charge shipping?

We charge our actual cost of shipping your box to you, and this will be charged each quarter along with your box. This cost is different for everyone, based on the address it’s going to. To see your cost, just add the box to checkout, click on the cart page, scroll down, and enter your zip code to calculate the shipping.

Do you ship internationally?

We sure do! Unfortunately due to new changes with Brexit we are not currently able to ship subscription boxes to the UK, but we ship to the rest of the world. Please note that international customers are responsible to pay for all customs and duties your country charges. See above for information about shipping costs. We strongly encourage you to find one or a few weaving buddies in your home country, and to order all together to save on shipping costs and qualify for flat rate shipping! To do this, choose one person to purchase and pay for the subscription, and have them check out with 2 (or more) subscription boxes at one time.

Can I cancel my subscription?

We think you’re going to enjoy it so much you won’t want to! But yes, if you decide this isn’t right for you for any reason, you are welcome to cancel your subscription and you won’t be charged for future boxes.

How will I receive the pattern?

The first pattern will be delivered to your email as a digital download immediately after purchase. Each subsequent pattern will arrive quarterly immediately after your credit card is charged for that box.

Can I select different colors?

We carefully selected two colorway options for you to choose from that highlight these patterns. Sorry, but we can't accommodate other color substitutions. After you weave your projects with these colors, you are encouraged to select from your stash or purchase additional yarn in other colors and weave them again! 

Can I purchase the pattern without the subscription box?

No, these patterns are only available as part of the subscription purchase.

Can I do these patterns as a beginner?

These patterns are great for an adventurous beginner. We don’t recommend these for your very first projects, but once you have a few projects under your belt you can certainly enjoy this subscription box!

Can I share the patterns with my friends?

No. Your purchase of the subscription box includes your purchase of the pattern, and the pattern is exclusive for subscribers. Please don’t share it!

Can I use a discount code or gift certificate to purchase a subscription box?

Sorry, our subscription software isn't compatible with our coupon codes or gift cards. Please save those for a future purchase!

My question isn't answered here!

Please reach out to and we'll help you out. 

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