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Ashford Warping Mill

Most Ashford products are shipping in 3-4 weeks. If you need a specific time frame, please contact hello@gistyarn.com.

This rotating mill will help to wind long warps quickly and easily. The bars holding the cross pegs are moveable, so any length can be wound up to approximately 16 yards. 

By Ashford Wheels & Looms

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Using an Ashford vertical Mill

A bad back caused me to replace a board with an Ashford warping mill. It was easy to assemble but I need very explicit directions for using it on a multi striped project. Read several books but
they all had different ways to use a mill. One book said ALWAYS turn mill to left. When I get to end of warp do I reverse and turn mill to right or not. Do I use both crosses? I understand top crosses are
true crosses and bottom saddle crosses. Do I just use bottom crosses to count warps? Do I begin warping at top or bottom? After going up and down to equal, say 2 warps, do I tie on the new color on to old at the top or bottom. When finished do I remove warp and start chaining from top or bottom? Confusing??? Need Explicit directions! I looked online but still confused.

Anita Prickett
Warping reel

I wanted a reel to make warping easier on my shoulders. It has been a great tool and while there’s a learning curve, I really am finding it works nicely for short and long warps.