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Halvdräll Towels by Arianna Funk

Handwoven Halvdräll Towels

Halvdräll Towels 

Find the Weave-Along for this project on Arianna's Instagram in story highlights and IGTV

Arianna writes, "I wanted to make something that really plays up howbeautiful Duet is, and the technique "halvdräll" is perfect: you get large swaths of surface and texture but the floats are tiny and secure. The slight variegated color of the yarn gives these towels extra spark.

I just love this simplified overshot technique and have used it in quite a few patterns. It offers endless experimentation and the effect you can achieve simply by changing colors is exciting. Make one warp in neutral colors and mix it up with your weft colors for each towel. Perfect for holiday gift giving! The name of these towels (Blodstensvägen) has a connection to a dear family member who has both turned 30 and moved into a great new apartment this year, which should be celebrated with handwovens. "Blodsten" is the Swedish word for hematite."

You can download an updated version of this pattern and purchase a kit here.

Designed by Arianna Funk for GIST: Yarn & Fiber.

Arianna is a handweaver in Sweden, and the founder of Weave of the Month Club, a weaving pattern subscription in which members receive monthly weaving projects and inspiration. 

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Need some help getting started? Check out Resources for Beginner and Intermediate Weavers. 

Handwoven Halvdräll Towels

Handwoven Halvdräll Towels                     

Handwoven Halvdräll Towels


    Handwoven Halvdräll Towels 

    Yarn for Handwoven Halvdräll Towels
    Handwoven Halvdräll Towels

    About Arianna Funk 

    Arianna Funk graduated from Friends of Handicraft School in Stockholm in 2017, became a card-carrying journeyman weaver the same year and was awarded the ‘large medal of honor’ for her journeyman work. She is a founding member of Studio Supersju, a group of forward-thinking weavers. In addition to running Weave of the Month Club, she is a teacher and advisor for students in the foundation year at Friends of Handicraft, writes drafts for Väv Magasinet and Svensk Hemslöjd, and her woven art and craft is sold at Fiberspace Gallery and Gustavsbergs Gallery, among other places. 

    Arianna Funk