Deflected Doubleweave Scarf

by Elizabeth Springett

Handwoven Deflected Doubleweave Scarf

Deflected Doubleweave Scarf

A straightforward approach to deflected doubleweave using 4 harnesses and 2 colors of Duet Cotton/Linen. This scarf has a reversible pattern that can be as bold or understated as you want it to be, depending on the colors in the warp and weft.

You can download an updated version of this pattern and purchase a kit here.


Designed and woven by Elizabeth Springett for GIST: Yarn & Fiber.

Handwoven Deflected Doubleweave Scarf


Warp & Weft:2 cones of Duet Cotton/Linen (1/4 lb cones, 2,390 yd/lb) in contrasting colors, shown here in Marble and Chambray

Project Notes

  • Tools Required: 4 shaft table or floor loom at least 15" wide, 8 dent reed, 2 boat shuttles & bobbins
  • EPI: 16
  • PPI: 14
  • Width at Reed: 12.84" 
  • Warp Ends: 206
  • Warp Length: 2.75 yards (99.5"), includes 30.5" to account for shrinkage and loom waste
  • Draft: Deflected Doubleweave    
  • Total warp yarn used: ~567 yards (346.5 yards Marble, 220 yards Chambray)
  • Total weft yarn used: ~390 yards (234 yards Marble, 156 yards Chambray)
  • Woven Length (measured under tension on the loom): 75.5"
  • Finished Dimensions: 1 scarf that measures approximately 11.5" wide x 68" long with fringe
  • Finishing Details: Hemstitch, 2" fringe on each side
  • Care Instructions: Hand wash in cold water, hang to dry


1. Wind a warp with 206 ends, 2.75 yards long following the warp color order on the draft below. Warp the loom using your preferred method.

2. Thread according to the draft below. Sley 2 ends per dent in an 8 dent reed for an epi of 16, centering for a weaving width of 12.84".

Deflected Doubleweave Scarf Weaving Draft

3. Begin and end the scarf with hemstitch. Weave according to the draft below until the scarf measures approximately 75.5" in loom. Make sure to carry the inactive weft along the selvedge when switching colors.

4. Hand wash in cold water, hang to dry. Trim fringe to 2" on each side. 

Handwoven Deflected Doubleweave Scarf

About Elizabeth Springett

Elizabeth Springett is the CEO and CCG (Creative Color Guru) at WovenSeas Weaving Studio in Norwood MA. Elizabeth states often how she loves to weave but in fact what her real passion is is the technical design and color work it takes to create cloth. Specializing in utilitarian cloths such as towels, placemats, and rugs, all of natural fibers, Elizabeth sells her wares on her website. Twenty years in the apparel and home fashion industries designing and coloring fabrics offers many tips and tools for teaching new weavers how to weave. As Elizabeth bikes along Rhode Island's East Bay Bike Path, she sees inspiration in the beautiful land, sea and sky. 

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