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A New Look for Gist Yarn

Welcome to our new website! For the last seven months, we have been working on redesigning our brand identity and rebuilding our website to better reflect the company we have become, and to better serve our community. Behind the scenes, we are the same people (Sarah, Emma, Christine, LaChaun and Susie) with the same yarn that you have come to know and love.

New and Noteworthy

Custom Kits

Perhaps our most frequently requested feature - you can now customize the colors in your weaving kits. Simply click on the pattern you are interested in, scroll down to Create Your Kit, and select your preferred colors from the drop-down menu. The kit section will default to the colors shown in the project photo, so if you don’t want to pick your own colors, you can simply add the pre-selected colors to your cart.

Sorting Patterns

Our patternscollection can now be sorted by the following categories:

  • Loom type
  • Project type
  • Yarn 
  • Skill level
  • EPI
  • Loom width
  • Technique

At the top of the patterns page, there are drop-down menus where you select your desired category. You can filter with multiple categories in the same search.

PDF Patterns

Our PDF patterns have a new format, which we designed to include all the information you need at a glance, and are accessible for screen readers. By popular request, all patterns with drafts will come with a WIF file for those who use weaving software.

Please note that not all of the patterns have been updated yet, as we will be uploading them gradually over the next week. We recommend the Citrus Towels for rigid heddle looms or the Chevron Hand Towels for 4-shaft looms if you would like to preview the new pattern format. 

Weave Podcast

Our podcast episodes are now fully searchable and sortable by category. We have a large library of back episodes and we hope this helps to filter older episodes by topics you are interested in. We also began transcribing all podcast episodes in November so that they are more accessible to all.

Weaving Resources

Our weaving resources can also be searched and sorted by category. You can find our most popular resources here or explore all of our resources here.

Thank You

We want to express our gratitude to the artists, designers and developers who brought their creative vision to this process.

Maggie Putnam began working with our team in June, taking the time to learn about who we are as a company and translating those conversations into a brand identity for us to work with from this day forward. Jon Haarstad and Kristin Kuhl of Graybox built the custom kit functionality into our website. Amanda Rataj worked with us to reorganize two years worth of weaving patterns into the new and improved format. Ian Justice and Monique Juliette Baron skillfully photographed our collections. 

And of course, our gratitude goes out to you, our community of weavers and customers, who make all of this possible. We built this website for you, with the hopes of creating something easier and more enjoyable to navigate. We hope you will take a moment to look around and get acquainted. As with everything in life, our website will continue to be a work in progress and we welcome your suggestions. Thank you for being part of the Gist Yarn community.