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Waffle and Twill Towels

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Waffle and Twill Towels

Designed by Sue Anne Sullivan

These soft, absorbent towels are woven in a combination of Plain Weave, Waffle Weave, and Twill, using three colors of Beam Organic Cotton. This project encourages weavers of all skill levels to create a functional piece of cloth using bold color combinations and multiple weaving structures. Order a kit.


  • 4-shaft loom
  • 42-67 heddles per shaft
  • 12-dent reed
  • 1 boat shuttle + 3 bobbins


Warp: Beam 3/2 Organic Cotton, 220 yds Cobalt, 210 yds Jade, 175 yds Pistachio.

Weft: Beam 3/2 Organic Cotton, 125 yds Cobalt, 185 yds Jade, 170 yds Pistachio.


  • 18.2" weaving width
  • 12 EPI
  • 12 PPI
  • Two towels, 16” W x 27” L
  • Skill level: Intermediate

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Nancy Wiltrout
Oh My! Terrific Pattern!

First I did this pattern in the colors shown. I made 12 towels, all but one -- saved for me -- were holiday gifts. But wait, with all the variations & patterns that the colors make with one throw of the shuttle, I had to make additional towels in the other colorway suggested. Now I will have 12 more beautiful thick tea towels for whenever I need a gift. I consider this the best tea towel pattern ever.

Sandra M Radons Arneson
Straight forward; look great

This was the second pattern I've woven ever (4 shaft floor loom), and I really enjoyed it. Easy to follow, used 8/4 brassard yarn. Finally product is soft and pliable with nice drape, but also excellent thickness for a kitchen towel. Very pretty. Just a bit thick for machine hemming the edges; would use a smaller thread for hem threads next time, or hem by hand.

Julie Sandell
Pretty Towels

This pattern makes pretty towels and the color possibilities with Beam are many and pretty. That said, I found the instructions a little confusing as a beginning weaver. The customer service at Gist was first-rate though, and answered my e-mail questions thoroughly and quickly. They knew exactly what I was confused about and quickly explained it. I also think Beam plus this pattern and sett makes a very thick fabric, more like a placemat than a towel. I do plan to use the pattern again with a finer yarn because it is very pretty.

cheryl meadors
Beautiful and somewhat challenging

This is a gorgeous pattern. I've tried it in a variety of non-mercerized cottons at different setts. Before threading the heddles, I'd advise coloring your draft. The warping and the threading are a little different so the coloring helps. I also struggled with throwing 1 of a color then 2 of another color until I started throwing all at one time then mixing it by threading from the front of the loom and letting all the tangles out when rolling it on. Unorthodox but it works for me.

Betty Cameron

I have not done the project yet but it is the top of my list !,, Betty