Mallo Cotton Slub Weaving Yarn ~ Natural

A thick and thin cotton slub yarn designed to weave soft and absorbent home textiles, scarves, or apparel. 100% cotton (55% organic). 

  • 8 oz cones
  • 750 yards
  • 8-16 epi
  • Suitable for warp and weft
  • Use on a rigid heddle or multi-shaft loom

Machine wash and dry. 

Made in the USA.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 163 reviews
Marcia Kerl
Mallow is my favorite

I love this yarn. I had several warp yarns break and became an expert in repair but after fixing and wet finishing the towels I could not find the repairs very forgiving and I really like the texture of the finished product. Made my husband a scarf and he loves it and me!

judith Jones
So soft

I used the natural color Mallo cotton slub for my warp. I was very pleased with how it wound on. I am weaving kitchen towels; the weave structure is Overshot. The tabby is the Mallo, the pattern is a slightly thicker yarn. So far I am very pleased with the results. 2 towels done, 5 to go….It will be interesting how they finish….

Sondi Ryersee

Beautiful soft easy to work with. Always get the best quality and service

Jeremy Endo
Great Color-Sticky Yarn

The lichen is a great color way that goes well with gist’s line of cotton slub. However, it’s a little more sticky than the natural and forest color ways I’m currently using on a project. I notice the difference with every pass, but I don’t think the stickiness compromises the yarn’s integrity at all, just a really different feel.

New Mexico novice
Mixed Twill Scarf-

As always with Gist Yarn, a lovely and easy process selecting a pattern and tempting yarn- Someone posted photos of their final product which gave me a whole new idea about what colors to choose- I have never used a table loom but Christine has already been helpful so am not too worried- I have used the Mallo before and was very satisfied with the feel of it-