Duet Cotton / Linen Weaving Yarn ~ Chambray

Chambray is lovely flowering blue. 

A versatile yarn, Duet is strong enough for warp, soft enough for garments, and hardy enough for kitchen towels. Made from 55% European tow linen and 45% USA-grown cotton.

  • 4 oz cones
  • 600 yards
  • 12-16 epi
  • Suitable for warp and weft
  • Rigid heddle or multi-shaft loom

Machine wash in cool water. Air dry or machine dry (air drying preserves the longevity of linen). 

Made in the USA.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 97 reviews
Duet yarn is great

All of the Duet colors are beautiful- sort of softly intense, and working with them is a dream.

Wendy Connelly
Beautiful Yarn

Easy to work with. Beautiful sheen, loved the finished product.

Laurise M
Duet cotton/linen yarn

I have bought Duet yarn and used it for a couple projects. It’s a lovely yarn mix of cotton and linen, well suited for warp and weft. The projects I’ve woven have both been twill.
The first project was taken from inspiration of Melissa Hankens Duet Duet Handwoven Apron & Towel pattern. I wanted a full cover apron, so adjusted her look to suit me. I made the center design up the warp, and left an amount for a towel at the end. I sewed the cut scoops for the top of the apron together to make a pocket, and cut a strip across the very end of the cloth for the neck strap. The side ties are of twill tape.
The second project is a set of hand towels I have woven for a Christmas gift. They came out very nice.
The yarn weaves nicely, and when washed really softens up. It makes a lovely towel, and I love my apron which I wear constantly.
I highly recommend Duet cotton/linen yarn.

Claudia Gibson
Beautiful yarn

This cotton/linen blend behaves more like linen (somewhat stiffer) and moves very smoothly through the weft picks. I’ve enjoyed weaving with it. The marbled effect is lovely — I think it will only improve with successive washes.

Marilyn Robert
Duet Has Depth

This is my sixth cone of Duet cotton linen yarn. I like the content of the yarn, good feel, easy to weave with. My favorite thing about Duet is the color combination in each cone. The bicolor creates depth in the woven piece.