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Natural Cotton Seine Twine # 12 Warp Weaving Yarn for Rugs and Tapestries

The perfect staple cotton seine twine warp weaving yarn, on 1 lb. tubes. This yarn is made by Brassard in Quebec, Canada. 

4/12/2, 1,260 yards per lb. approx. 22 wraps per inch. (This is the size we recommend with our Array tapestry yarn, and the size used in Rebecca Mezoff's Introduction to Tapestry Weaving Beginner Bundle.)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews
    Joan Hoffmeyer
    Great tapestry warp

    This is a high quality warping product for tapestry weaving, I'm sure it would work for rugs also, but haven't tried for that it quite yet!

    Claudia Melgaard
    Cotton seine twine

    I ordered this twine for a tapestry class as recommended. I find it to be a good choice due to it's strength and will be great for rug warp.

    Janet Saulsbury
    Cotton Seine Twine

    I’m very pleased with the product.

    Perfect for krokbragd

    I am learning to weave krokbragd on my rigid heddle loom, using Kelly Casanova’s on-line course (highly recommended, by the way). Kelly suggests using this particular seine twine for the warp, so I purchased a cone. It worked out great.

    For my first sampler (shown in the photo in progress), I am using a 7.5-dent heddle and fingering weight wool as the weft. It was a bit fussy to get the twine tied on the front beam without slipping, but once I got it going, it was smooth sailing. It’s maintaining the tension very well, and the slightly knobby texture helps for beating the weft securely into place.

    I think it would be excellent warp for tapestry weaving as well, for all the reasons I like it for krokbragd.

    Good All Purpose Warp

    I use this for most of my tapestry weaving. It’s strong but not too course and allows very good coverage,