Array Wool Yarn ~ Burgundy

Array is our 2/12 worsted spun wool yarn. Made from wool grown on ranches out West (primarily Corriedale and Columbia sheep), and spun and dyed in North Carolina. It is 2-ply, thin (3,360 yards per lb), and hardy.

Yarn Details

  • 4 oz cones have 840 yards. 1 oz tubes have 210 yards.
  • Tapestry weavers can use Array as a weft in bundles of 3 or 4, in tapestries with a recommended sett of 8 epi.
  • Multi-shaft weavers can use Array as a warp or weft, with a recommended sett of 20-24 epi.
  • Hand wash in cold water with a gentle soap suitable for wool, and lay flat to dry. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Carol Komissaroff

    I have 10 color gradations now, and overall I am very pleased. The yarn is slick, so it doesn’t tangle, and slightly fuzzy, so it packs down well. I am weaving 10 - 12 dent with 2 strands. Makes lovely fine lines.

    Pat Nowakowski

    Array yarn is lovely for weaving. I bundled 3 strands to weave on 8 epi cotton seine warp, and everything about it was wonderful.

    Deb Bednarek
    A tapestry weaver’s dream

    This Array yarn is a tapestry weaver’s dream! The yarn is perfect for bundling and blending and the graduated colors are just beautiful. It comes on cardboard tubes (I bought the smaller size ) that are easy to store and work with. Thank you !

    Linda DeBlois

    The yarn is beautiful but haven’t woven anything yet.

    Ginny Wallace
    LOVE this yarn

    I use Array for tapestry weaving. I do a lot of weft bundling and color blending and both the size and the color gradations are perfect for that. I am using 4 strands at 8 epi and 3 at 10. It is "slick" and less fuzzy than some, which I also like. For me, Array was definitely worth the wait.