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Instant Vintage Towels

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 Instant Vintage Towels

Designed by Mary Unger

Using just one cone each of Mallo Cotton Slub and Beam 3/2 Organic Cotton, these soft, pillowy towels are woven with an extremely open weft sett, creating the texture and drape of a well-loved vintage linen. The warp-predominant structure “fades” the weft color, giving the cloth a distinctly antiqued look. Create your own weft stripe design to give your towels a personalized, idiosyncratic pattern of color and texture, or weave as shown. Order a kit.


  • Rigid heddle loom 
  • 10-dent reed
  • 2 boat shuttles + bobbins or 2 stick shuttles


Warp: Mallo Cotton Slub, 615 yds Natural.

Weft: Mallo Cotton Slub, 110 yds Natural. Beam 3/2 Organic Cotton, 230 yds Dawn.


  • 18" weaving width
  • 10 EPI
  • 6 PPI
  • Three towels, 15” W x 25” L 
  • Skill level: Intermediate (due to the open PPI)

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Denise Higby
So much fun!!

I just enjoyed weaving these darling towels! I have to admit I didn’t follow exactly the pattern because I was enjoying the weaving and rows would kinda add up here or there but they are a gift for my grand daughter because she’s really into her sourdough bread! I put plenty of warp on and out came 4 beautiful towels!

Dee Laurence
Weaving patterns

Looking forward to busting my stash with your easy to follow patterns!

Nancy Forester
Soft, Nostalgic and an Easy Weave

The look of these towels took me right back to my Aunt’s farmhouse kitchen in the fifties.
Insanely soft and useful as one of the largest towel patterns Gist. offers. Exceptional!

Nicely written pattern!

Great pattern, easy to read instructions. Great for a beginner who is familiar with warping, as you will learn to do simple color changes in the weft.

Margaret Newman
Vintage towels

I loved the look of these towels, hence the reason I got the pattern. I used the pattern for inspiration, and apart from making my warp the same length as specified, and the same dent, that's about the only thing our towels have in common. I used a floor loom, 4 strands of fine cotton for most of the warp, and set a blue stripe warp at 15 dpi . So far, I've finished 2 towels with white weft only -for the last I might make some blue weft stripes. Thanks Christine, for inspiring me, and when I've finished, I will post a photo of the finished product. I might even try weaving some on my rigid heddle!