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Weaving with Beam ~ 3/2 Organic Cotton Yarn

Beam: Diving into the Details

Today we want to share a bit more aboutBeam and answer some frequently asked questions. If you're just tuning in, Beam is our new 3/2 organic cotton weaving yarn--now available forpre-order.

3/2 cotton yarn is similar to 8/4 cotton in size and strength--the main difference being that 3/2 is a 2-ply yarn (spun with 2 lofty strands) and 8/4 is a 4-ply yarn (spun with 4 finer strands). 

  • Available on 8 oz cones with 630 yards per cone
  • 1,260 yards per pound (ypp)
  • Recommended sett of 10-12 (plain weave) and 14-16 (twill) ends per inch (epi)
  • 21 wraps per inch (wpi)
  • Suitable for all types of looms (shown here is the 38" Ashford Jack Loom)
  • Suitable for warp and weft
  • 100% organic un-mercerized cotton (soft, matte & absorbent - click here to read about the difference)
  • Machine wash cold and tumble dry low 
  • The cost per cone will be $19 USD after the pre-order ends on July 7th. By pre-ordering, you’ll receive a free color card and/or discount, click here for details

Project Ideas

We are working on a collection of patterns to accompany the official launch of Beam in September. If you are just getting started with weaving, this soft and durable yarn is our top pick for your first projects. Until then, here are a few ideas of what you can weave with this yarn:

Towels~ weave a set of soft and absorbent towels - suggested sett of 10-12 for plain weave and 14-16 for twill 

Place Mats~ weave a set of sturdy, machine washable placemats - suggested sett of 12 epi for plain weave and 16 for twill 

Overshot ~ weave an overshot pattern using Beam as the thicker pattern weft - try 8/2 cotton, Duet cotton/linen or 18/3 linen as the warp and tabby weft (warp sett depends on the specific project)

Rep Weave~ weave a rep weave pattern (placemats, small rugs) using Beam as the thick weft - try8/2 cotton as the warp and thin weft (warp sett depends on the specific project)

Baby Blankets ~ weave soft, machine washable blankets for little ones (bonus: organic cotton!) - suggested sett of 10-12 for plain weave and 14-16 for twill

If you need help calculating how much yarn to use for your project, try our calculator here

This Beam sample is a new favorite at Sarah's house!

Combining Beam with Other Yarns

Sarah wove this sample with Beam using Mallo, Duet and 8/2 cotton as the weft stripes. Duet (the yellow stripe) is a finer yarn than Beam and has the most contrasting texture shown here; the crisp linen especially shines through after wet finishing. 

This sample is woven Beam in NaturalMallo in Steel, Duet in Sun, and 8/2 cotton in Dusty Blue


If you would like to give Beam a try, join in on our pre-order! Each pre-order will receive a free color card and/or discount, depending on the option selected. We expect all pre-orders to ship in September and will keep you updated every step of the way. 

Please reach out to us athello@gistyarn.com with any questions.