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Pattern Weaving Mini-Course with Schacht Spindle Company

Sienna Bosch, Textile School Coordinator at Schacht Spindle Company, will be teaching a mini-course for floor loom weavers. The course will become live on October 4, 2021, in celebration of Spinning and Weaving Week! The course is self-paced, so you will be able to work through it on your own schedule. 

schacht weavealong

Are you a floor loom weaver ready to begin exploring new worlds of patterning? Sienna Bosch will walk you through the steps of warping, weaving, and finishing a colorful over-the-shoulder bag that is perfect for carrying yarn or weaving books on the go. You can see the required equipment, cost for participating, and other details in this PDF

Yarn Requirements

This project uses 2 cones of Beam 3/2 Organic Cotton, and 1 cone of Duet Cotton/Linen.  

Here are Sienna's suggested colorways:

  • Beam Natural, Duet Anchor, and Beam Cobalt
  • Beam Natural, Duet Marble, and Beam Jade
  • Beam Natural, Duet Marble, and Beam Licorice
  • Beam Natural, Duet Marble, and Beam Dandelion