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Ashford 4-Shaft and 8-Shaft Table Loom Stand

Strong frame made from solid Silver Beech hardwood with 2 handy shelves and lacquered to match your loom. The loom fits onto the stand with no screws required. Stand folds flat for easy transport and storage.

Height from floor to base of table loom is 24 1/2 inches. Treadles for table loom are sold separately

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Mary Margaret in Maryland
    Excellent loom all around

    I love my Ashford 16” 8 harness table loom and stand. The loom is so incredibly easy to use and weaves beautifully. The levers are extremely smooth to operate and the harnesses lift very quietly. The beater is a pleasure to use and is solid and level. It’s ergonomically friendly to warp, thread the heddles and sley the reed, and super easy to fold and unfold, even while warped. The table is absolutely perfect in every way. Height is great, the tables on each side very handy, and folding and unfolding a breeze. I absolutely love the loom and stand and couldn’t be happier!

    Elizabeth Anne Sielaff
    The stand that makes a difference

    I could not get comfortable weaving at my Ashford table loom. I decided to try the stand as a last resort before selling the loom. I ordered from Gist because the stand was available and the shipping was free. Turned out to be a great decision! I received the stand in a very reasonable amount of time. It has made all the difference in my weaving experience. I am keeping the loom and enjoying every minute I work at it!

    Nice Stand

    I'm looking forward to using this. The stand is most helpful since my table is too high.

    Jackie Cooper

    Gist Yarn was most helpful in assisting with information on the loom stand, very friendly. I did receive my order in a fairly timely manner, from the time I ordered the stand. Christine was available when I reached out, I got a response in a timely manner, and I was kept up to date with the tracking info until I got my stand. Thank you! 😊

    Worth it

    This is expensive, yes. But it is a very nice stand and it was worth it to have my kitchen table back when I wanted to use this loom. It also makes it much easier to take to a workshop. The loom fits very securely in the stand and the tables on each side are very useful, especially for a two shuttle weave. I’m glad I bought it.