Free Weaving Pattern: Handwoven Alpaca Throw by Mariah Gaar – GIST: Yarn & Fiber
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Today I'm pleased to share this pattern for a perfectly cozy handwoven alpaca throw created by Mariah Gaar. She writes: "When I first started planning for this project I knew I wanted to create something out of my comfort zone. I saw the alpaca yarn you offered in your shop, and having never worked with it before, I thought it would make for a perfect challenge."

Find all the details about this project below the photos. Weaving by Mariah Gaar and photos by Stacey Gaar.

alpaca weaving yarn
weaving alpaca throw

weaving with alpaca
alpaca weaving
handwoven alpaca throw

weaving with alpaca
The Details
Other notes from Mariah: "I found that the alpaca yarn created a lot of static --  I kept a spray bottle of water on hand to keep it under control. Also, I put to much tension on the selvedges -- resulting in a few broken threads. Next time, I would take care to avoid tension on the edges. This resulted in a perfect and cozy lap blanket!"

Want to try this project for yourself? Choose three complementary colors of alpaca yarn and create something perfectly cozy and elegant for your home.
March 15, 2018 by Sarah Resnick


Kathy Wahl

Kathy Wahl said:

This is beautiful!!! Congratulations on a job well done!!!!


Nancy said:

What size did this blanket come in at after wet finishing? Beautiful!

Sarah Resnick

Sarah Resnick said:

Nancy, the finished size is 56" long (with 6" fringe) and 38" wide!

Linda Christensen

Linda Christensen said:

It is a beautiful throw. I was wondering could you weave a shawl from the same Alpaca? Would it have enough drape? Would Alpaca be have too heavy of a weight for a shawl?

Sarah Resnick

Sarah Resnick said:

Hi Linda, yes, you can definitely make an alpaca shawl! If you use the 3/10 size it will be thicker and warmer, and if you use 2/16 it will be more light and airy.


Sharon said:

Beautiful and inspiring

Lynn Kirk

Lynn Kirk said:

Will a 45 inch wide loom be wide enough?

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