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Chevron Hand Towels 

Cheerful cotton/linen towels for a time when clean hands are of utmost importance. 

You can download an updated version of this pattern and purchase a kit here

Designed by Emma Rhodes for GIST: Yarn & Fiber. 

Need some help getting started? Check out Resources for Beginner and Intermediate Weavers. 



Warp & Weft: 2 cones of Italian Cotton/Linen in Goldenrod and Cream 


Project Notes

  • Tools Required: 4 shaft table or floor loom, 12 dent reed, shuttle & bobbins
  • EPI: 24 (2 ends per dent in a 12 dent reed)
  • PPI: ~15 in tabby with single weft, ~12 in twill with doubled weft
  • Width at Reed: 16.8"
  • Warp Ends: 404
  • Warp Length: 4.3 yards (155"), includes 24" for loom waste and 10% for take-up & shrinkage
  • Technique/Draft: Tabby, rosepath twill
  • Approx. warp yarn used: 1,740 yards
  • Approx. weft yarn used: 1,530 yards
  • Woven Length: (measured under tension on the loom) 27" per towel
  • Finished Dimensions: Set of 4 towels measuring approximately 15.75" W x 24" L each after washing and hemming
  • Finishing Details: Hand sewn rolled hem
  • Care Instructions: Machine wash cold on delicate cycle, air dry or tumble dry low, press as needed 


1. Wind a warp with 404 ends, 4.3 yards long following the warp color order below. Warp the loom using your preferred method.

2. Thread according to the draft below. Note that the last inch on the left side of the warp only has 20 ends. Sley 2 ends per dent in a 12 dent reed for an epi of 24, centering for a weaving width of 16.8". 

3. Wind one bobbin with Color A and a second bobbin with Color A and Color B, holding the two strands together as one. Make sure to wind the bobbin slowly so that each stand is wound on with even tension. A stick shuttle can also be used for the doubled weft section.

4. Weave following the draft and weft order below. When beginning the twill section, start with treadle 6 and the shuttle on the right side of the loom. Weave with scrap yarn for a few picks in between each towel as a marker. 

  • 3" of tabby with Color A 
  • 21" of twill with Color A and B (2 strands together as one) 
  • 3" of tabby with Color A 

Note: The treadling sequence on this draft is to show the different sections of each towel. Reference the warp and weft order written above while warping and weaving.

5. Cut the fabric off the loom and zig zag the raw edges. Machine wash cold on delicate cycle and air dry (or tumble dry low if preferred). Cut the towels apart at scrap yarn maker. Finish with a hand sewn rolled hem. 

April 03, 2020