Tussah Silk Roving ~ Walnut Woods – GIST: Yarn & Fiber
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Tussah Silk Roving ~ Walnut Woods

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The most beautifully dyed silk roving I've ever seen...you'll want to drop everything and bust out the spinning wheel the second this arrives, I promise! This colorway has walnut browns and sandy beiges.

This gorgeous tussah silk roving is hand-painted by Treenway Silks in Colorado.  Dyeing silk evenly takes true skill and is a labor of love, and the folks at Treenway are real masters of their craft.

25 grams of this roving goes surprisingly far.  Spin and ply it to itself, or ply a dark, naturally colored merino for pop of color. Make a stunning scarf with black alpaca warp scattered with a just a few strands of finely spun handspun Tussah silk. Or dream up your own plans for it!

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