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Pinstripe Tea Towel Kit ~ Mount Rainier

$ 50.00 USD

Weave a set of six Pinstripe Tea Towels designed by Sarah Resnick. 

This kit contains four tubes of 8/2 Un-Mercerized Brassard Cotton Weaving Yarn in Yellow Green, Peacock, Royal Blue, and Purple, and a digital PDF download of the pattern. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Not for the faint of heart

I bought this kit to weave on my rigid heddle loom. Firstly, i don't recommend using a rigid heddle loom for these. With 340 ends, and 5 yards of warp, unless you're VERY diligent, you'll wind up with a tangled mess at your beam. Having said that, I forged ahead anyway. But I'm not pleased with what I'm seeing. It's loosely woven, no matter what I've done. Also, the pattern needs a lot of clarification on the pattern itself. You can't depend on people reading the blog post to get instructions on weaving these towels. That information should be in the patten itself. There's also no mention of how the heddles are managed, and I'm just winging it. I don't know what they're going to look like when I'm done. I'm hoping for the best.

Yellowstone Pinstripe - sunset colors

I needed to break out of my blues and greens color rut (always my first love) so I decided to use the yellowstone kit for the Pinstripe Towel pattern. The random design of the warp was fun and stress free except that I direct warped onto a rigid heddle - lots of tying! I wove two towels using a double thread of one yellow and one gold for the weft and on the second towel I used a graduated color scheme for the weft. On the ends, one inch of double red, 2 inches of combo red and orange, three inches of combo orange and gold, and then the body of yellow/gold combo. I call them my sunset towels. The Brassard cotton has a very nice feel to it.

Crater Lake Tea Towel

My first order with GIST. Amazing personalized service. The colors are even more brilliant than what shows up on the computer. I'm anxious to get started on this kit.

Could tweak the colors

I love kits; they help me decide on patterns and colors. I think I was looking for something slightly different than the colors in the Yellowstone kit. I wasn't too fond of the orange (even though that is one of my favorite colors); can't put a finger on why - think it was a little too cinnamon/ginger and would have liked a color closer to cayenne. Also the yellow and bright yellow are a bit too close in color; I actually thought the yellow was light orange. The yarn itself was lovely and worked up well. Warp design of the pattern was fun to do - it looks best with the tabby weave (as directions specify). I always change things around and tried some other rigid heddle warp and weft floats which didn't show off the striping as well. Will make more of these (only made 3 - long warps are too hard with a rigid heddle) but will also make them longer and try blending some other colors.

Beautiful Cotton

These color kits are exactly what I have been searching for! There is enough product to make six towels, and the color combinations are perfect. Shipping turnaround is excellent too which makes this shopping experience perfect!