Alpaca Weaving Yarn ~ Whole Wheat

Alpaca Weaving Yarn ~ Whole Wheat

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A pale brown alpaca weaving yarn the color of whole wheat toast.

Soft and warm, alpaca is the fiber of choice for weavers looking for a touch of luxury in a special scarf, shawl, or blanket. 

  • 1 kg cones
  • approximately 3,800 yards
  • 10-16 epi
  • suitable for warp and weft
  • rigid heddle or multi-shaft loom 

Hand wash in cool water, air dry. Use a warm iron to finish. 

Made in Peru.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 85 reviews
Penny Garner
It’s awesome!

I thought alpaca was scary. I’ve heard so much about sticking and being slippery and horror stories about alpaca ‘in the bin’. My first project (I am an absolute novice) was a 100% alpaca shawl because I didn’t know alpaca ‘is bad warp yarn’ and I warped the whole thing in cream. No problems. When I wove the first couple of inches I was a sett and epi of 10, my scarf looked like a window screen. I totally fretted (I’m an awesome fretter) about the ugly investment through the whole weave. I soaked it 20 minutes and irreverently tossed it into the dryer.

OMG the scarf that came out was NOTHING like the window screen that went in. It’s gorgeous! Soft and weightless and warm and snuggly. I immediately ordered 3 more colors and I’ve got another (bigger) alpaca project on my loom now. This is truly an amazing yarn and makes BEAUTIFUL things and is super easy to work with. I plan to own every color. Thank you, Gist, for finding and supplying such a great yarn.

Anna McDonough

I am using a 12.5 dent reed and it is absolutely beautiful. It is creates a beautiful dense and lightweight fabric after its been washed. Definitely my favorite material to work with so far.

Lynn McEachern
Alpaca Weaving Yarn ~ Black

Beautiful yarn using it in a deflected doubleweave project which is still on my loom

Lark Lennox
Five stars

Lovely, large cone of yarn. I used it for both warp and weft and it is strong and does not pill. I highly recommend it. Nice soft white color.

Shantel Silbernagel
Blankets and More Blankets!

I love this yarn for my custom blankets. The blankets are lightweight, super warm, and pack well when traveling. I started weaving at 10 EPI, but have increased to 12 EPI as the drape is incredibly silky while allowing a bit more durability and structure for the pattern to not shift. Don't be afraid to press/iron when finished.