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8/2 Un-Mercerized Brassard Cotton Weaving Yarn ~ Charcoal

$ 12.50 USD

A rich charcoal gray 8/2 un-mercerized cotton weaving yarn.

Perfect for dish towels, hand towels, placemats, and tablecloths. Absorbent, washable, durable cotton weaving yarn. Made in Canada.

3,360 yards per lb. Recommended sett of 15-30 epi. Comes on a 1/2 lb tube with 1,680 yards. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
My new favorite yarn shop!

This was my first order from Gist Yarn. The service was excellent and I was thrilled with how quickly it was on its way. I love Brassard 8/2 cotton and the colors were nicer than I expected. I will be making towels soon and then moving on to some pearl cotton (overshot) after that. I am scanning my choices in anticipation! Thank you.

Bright colors, strong 8/2 cotton yarn!

This orange and the navy are being added into my color pallet for future towels. I'm weaving towels on both my rigid heddle and on my table loom. Wonderful yarn!

Brassard and Gist Yarn

I made napkins based on one of Sarah’s patterns recently using Brassard 8/2 and liked it so much I purchased more to make towels for a friend. GIST has great helping me adjust the pattern. Great company. I plan on supporting them for as long as I can weave!


I bought several colors of the 8/2 and 8/4 Brassard un-mercerized cotton for weaving lighter weight clothing fabrics. They wove easily and went through the washer and dryer with no problems. The final fabrics were soft and sewed up easily (by hand and machine). This was one of my favorite colors. I wove 5 different fabrics from the warp I had set up. Depending on the colors of the weft yarns, I ended up with 3 fabrics that were in the blue family, 1 that was in the purple family (I used it as weft), and 1 where the strands of it looked like an occasional purple pinstripe in the warp. Loved working with these yarns.

Great Product and Customer Service

I ordered this weaving yarn on a Sunday evening. Within a few short hours it was already out the door, which is great, except if you need to add something to your order! I made a desperate call to Emma and she quickly put my mind to rest. She shipped out the extra yarn without a shipping charge, even though it was totally my fault for not doing my math correctly and ordering the right amount in the first place! My packages came promptly and I'm totally happy with the yarn quality and colors. It will be my first attempt at dish towels, so wish me luck!!