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30/2 Silk / Yak Blend Weaving Yarn ~ Silken Fog

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This truly luxurious blend of 55% silk and 45% feels like weaving with heaven. Silk and yak are the perfect pair - silk gives delicate yak fibers substance, sheen and elasticity, and the silk becomes softer and warmer when blended with yak. 

This is sourced from China by Treenway Silks in Colorado. Treenway Silks is will known in the weaving community for their expert dyeing and beautiful quality silk. 

The skein is approximately 100 grams and 1,625 yards yards. 30/2 yarn with a recommended EPI of 28-36. Suitable for warp and weft.

When winding into a ball, it is recommended to put an empty paper towel cardboard tube (or something similar) over the center post of your ball winder.  When finished winding, remove the yarn ball with the tube still in the center.  Work the yarn from the outside of the ball. 


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