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Weaving Yarn: Unusual and Creative Materials

Are you on the hunt for new and unusual yarns to use in your weaving? Here are some of my favorites!
Silk / Stainless Steel Weaving Yarn
This silk stainless steel weaving yarn is created by ITO Yarns in Japan ~ this line of yarn is called Tetsu. Tetsu is a wonderful marriage of silk and metal. A stainless steel filament twisted with mulberry silk adds "memory" to the fabric and allows it to be formed or shaped sculpturally after it comes off the loom. It's a very fine yarn most suitable as weft - you can pair it with another strand of a different material, or weave with a single strand. 15 grams, .5 ounces. 269 yards. 60 wraps per inch. 61% silk, 29% stainless steel. Hand wash, lay flat to dry. Made in Japan.

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Sparkly Weaving Yarn
Sometimes, you just gotta sparkle. Here are some of my favorites if you're looking for bling.
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Paper Weaving Yarn
Looking to bring unusal textures into your wall hangings? Try paper yarn! Strong, washable (!), and offered in a range of vibrant colors. They are created from sustainably harvested forests in Europe.
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Paper Viscose Weaving Yarn
This yarn is created by ITO Yarns in Japan ~ this line of yarn is called Washi. Washi follows the tradition of noble Japanese paper yarns with an extremely silky softness. Paper yarns have a lasting tradition in Japan and are often compared to silk in their qualities and character—cool in summer, warm in winter. The paper is twisted with a rayon thread to give stability and strength. It is a fine yarn that can be woven as a single strand of weft, or combined with other weft threads, giving your finished piece delightful texture. 25 grams, .9 ounces. 273 yards. 28 wraps per inch, not suitable for warp. 54% paper, 46% viscose. Hand wash, lay flat to dry. Spun in Japan.

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Hemp Weaving Yarn
Glorious 10/3 hemp yarn spun in a family-run mill in Florence Italy. This yarn is smooth as butter. Use as is or dye it with fiber reactive or natural dyes. 100 gram ball (3.5 oz) has 525 yards. 26 wpi. Suitable for warp and weft.

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