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Silk Weaving Yarn

Silk! The true luxury yarn for weavers. I carry a number of different types of silk yarn, suitable for different purposes, each in a range of colors.
20/2 Hand-Dyed Bombyx Silk Yarn
These gorgeous silk yarns are hand-dyed by Treenway Silks in Colorado. Treenway Silks is will known in the weaving community for their expert dyeing and brilliant colors. If you're looking for a truly luxurious weaving yarn for scarves and shawls, this is it. The skeins are approximately 100 grams and 1,100 yards. 20/2 yarn with a recommended EPI of 24-28. Suitable for warp and weft. Also available undyed.
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Japanese Silk Noil Yarn
This is a 100% silk noil yarn, created by Ito Yarns in Japan ~ this line of yarn is called Kinu. Different colored fibers are blended to create a melange effect. This weaving yarn has a beautiful hand and is perfect for both casual and elegant wear. 50 grams/1.75 ounces ~ 464 yards per cone. 25 wraps per inch. Not suitable for warp - this is lovely paired as a weft with other silk, alpaca, or wool yarn.
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Italian Silk Noil Yarn
This silk noil weaving yarn is imported directly from a small, family-run mill in Florence, Italy. This textured yarn is perfect for scarves, shawls, or other projects where you want a soft yarn with beautiful drape.

7 oz cones | 525 yards

Suitable for warp and weft. Recommended sett of 10-15 epi.
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Silk / Stainless Steel Weaving Yarn
This silk stainless steel weaving yarn is created by ITO Yarns in Japan ~ this line of yarn is called Tetsu. Tetsu is a wonderful marriage of silk and metal. A stainless steel filament twisted with mulberry silk adds "memory" to the fabric and allows it to be formed or shaped sculpturally after it comes off the loom. It's a very fine yarn most suitable as weft - you can pair it with another strand of a different material, or weave with a single strand. 15 grams, .5 ounces. 269 yards. 60 wraps per inch. 61% silk, 29% stainless steel. Hand wash, lay flat to dry. Made in Japan.

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Silk/Camel Weaving Yarn
This luxurious blend of silk and camel fiber is patiently waiting for whatever scarf or shawl you're dreaming up. 70% silk, 30% camel. 100% gorgeous hand and texture. A soft camel color that can be used as is or dyed with acid or natural dyes.

Made in Canada. 1/2 lb. cone has 750 yards. 20 wpi, recommended sett of 10-15 epi.

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30/2 Yak/Silk Blend Weaving Yarn
This truly luxurious blend of 55% silk and 45% feels like weaving with heaven. Silk and yak are the perfect pair - silk gives delicate yak fibers substance, sheen and elasticity, and the silk becomes softer and warmer when blended with yak. The skein is approximately 100 grams and 1,625 yards yards. 30/2 yarn with a recommended EPI of 28-36. Suitable for warp and weft.

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