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Kits for Rigid Heddle Weavers

Looking for your next rigid heddle weaving project? Below are some of our bestselling kits, suitable for beginner and and intermediate rigid heddle weavers. Each kit comes with all of the yarn needed to complete the project, and a free PDF download of the pattern. Enjoy!

Find our full collection of patterns and kits here.

Pinstripe Napkins

These Pinstripe Napkins are woven using 4 colors of Duet Cotton/Linen Weaving Yarn and a playful pinstripe pattern throughout the warp. Weave a set of 4 napkins or 3 tea towels with a 12 dent heddle.

Each kit comes with 3 cones of Duet yarn and a free PDF download of the pattern.

Weekend Rug

This quick handwoven rug designed by Emma Rhodes is a perfect weekend project! Get it warped and woven in a weekend, and have a beautiful new rug for for your own home or to give as a gift. Weave it on your floor loom or your rigid heddle loom, with an 8-dent reed.

Each kit contains 1 tube of 8/8 Un-Mercerized Cotton Yarn, 4 skeins of Tapestry Wool Yarn, and a PDF download of the pattern.

Beginner Rigid Heddle Cotton Tea Towels

Weave a set of classic cotton tea towels on your rigid heddle loom with this pattern designed and woven by Sarah Resnick. This project uses our best selling 8/4 Cotton Weaving Yarn and is suitable for new and experienced weavers alike. For this project you will need a rigid heddle loom, or a 2-4 shaft table or floor loom, a 10 or 12 dent reed and a shuttle & bobbins.

Each kit contains 4 tubes of 8/4 Cotton Weaving Yarn in a variety of colors and a printable PDF download of the pattern.

Color Field Scarf

The Color Field Scarf is woven with one of the most scrumptious textured yarns in our shop, silk noil. The beautiful sister to shinier bombyx silk, this yarn is made from the remnants of silk after the carding process. This gives it a lovely matte feel, and makes a scarf suitable for men and women.

Each kit comes with three colors of our Italian Silk Noil, and a free download of the pattern.