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Intro to Tapestry Weaving by Christabel Balfour

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This beautiful, comprehensive illustrated booklet by Christabel Balfour covers basic and advanced techniques, breaking them down into simple, easy-to-understand instructions, accompanied by detailed illustrations.

This booklet covers: 

  • Tapestry weaving- what it is and how it differs from cloth weaving. 
  • Types of looms for use in tapestry weaving. 
  • Weaving tools and how to use them. 
  • Planning your weaving and choosing your fibres. 
  • Warping your loom and beginning to weave. 
  • Shape-building, starting with geometric shapes and moving on to more complex structures. 
  • Interlocking and hatching techniques for creating a well-structured weaving. 
  • Colour-blending, creating vertical lines with pick and pick and soft gradients 
  • Free Weave, a more organic type of tapestry weaving. 
  • Creating texture with twill, soumak and rya knotting. 
  • How to finish your weaving once you’ve taken it off the loom 
  • How to display and frame your weaving.

Each technique is illustrated with hand-drawn diagrams. The booklet also explores the techniques and processes Christabel Balfour uses in her own tapestry weaving.

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