Mallo Cotton Slub Weaving Yarn ~ Ink

A thick and thin cotton slub yarn designed to weave soft and absorbent home textiles, scarves, or apparel. 100% cotton (55% organic). 

  • 8 oz cones
  • 750 yards
  • 8-16 epi
  • Suitable for warp and weft
  • Use on a rigid heddle or multi-shaft loom

Machine wash and dry. 

Made in the USA.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Doris Strand
Dames Rocket Flower I & II

towel #1 was woven & spoken for with a request for a matching towel #2
#748 -- “Dames Rocket Flowers” ~ these roadside flowers are blooming all over in my “neck of the woods” here in midwest illinois; this hand towel was warped with Mallo “Ink” (a plummy purple) with a stripe sequence that includes “Aster” (a light lavender) & “Natural” (a natural cream). for the weft, i used “Ink”. Mallo from GIST yarn & fiber, a favorite for towels, is a gorgeous thick and thin cotton slub yarn produced from cotton grown in the USA - 55% organic / 45% conventional spun and dyed in North Carolina. ~ finished size measures 13.75" x 23" with a .5" fringe ~ handwoven in Bishop Hill, IL

Laura H

I’ve only been weaving ( RH) for a year now, but have been pretty busy making gifts for friends and family. I found Gist early on, and it’s predominantly what I use.I started with Duet, but when I needed some particular colors I tried Mallo. It is now my go-to yarn! I just make up patterns based on colors I have on hand. If I have a novelty yarn or a yarn not strong enough for warp, I always use Mallo for the warp, and all the projects have turned out so lovely! It softens up so nicely. It worked perfectly for a baby blanket I made. My only complaint would be that we need more colors! Yellows, reds, etc!

Cynthia Hale
Love this yarn

I have found my favorite cotton yarn. It is easy to work with and works up beautifully. I wish there were a few more color choices, other than that I love this slubby cotton.

Sharyl McCulloch
One of my fave go-to warp yarns

I love the texture of this yarn - it adds so much to my weaving without being "over-bearing" (!). It also holds tension well and is not sticky but holds weft in place. I think I have two or three cones (maybe more) now. Highly recommended!

Tanya Fell
Love the color and texture

A pleasure to work with. I am pleased.