Alpaca Weaving Yarn ~ Denim

A slate blue weaving yarn the color of your favorite pair of jeans. 

Soft and warm, alpaca is the fiber of choice for weavers looking for a touch of luxury in a special scarf, shawl, or blanket. 

  • 1 kg cones
  • approximately 3,800 yards
  • 10-16 epi
  • suitable for warp and weft
  • rigid heddle or multi-shaft loom 

Hand wash in cool water, air dry. Use a warm iron to finish. 

Made in Peru.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 90 reviews
Alpaca as warp

A workhorse in the weaving studio…soft and strong, a good warp fiber.

Blair Garett

Super strong yet amazingly soft. Washes like a dream, I keep ordering more! Also, the muted tones are just beautiful!

Deana Grobe
Excellent customer service

I bought some Alpaca Weaving Yarn from Gist a year ago and made a fabulous throw. I was planning on making a couple more for my sisters this fall, but when I went to continue using the yarn it had some defects. I reached out to Christine and within a couple of days, if not sooner, another cone (free of charge) was on my way to replace the defective one. I really appreciated her response and will definitely order from Gist again. Overall, the yarn is of superior quality.

Cheryl Schwarz
Beautiful yarn

This yarn warped up quickly. It is a very smooth yarn and to beat at 12 ppi I used a very light hand. After finishing, I ended up with a couple of beautiful and very soft scarves (one for me and one for a Christmas present). I had some interesting tracking after washing and drying which I absolutely love. I looks much more interesting than plain weave. I am adding a photo which shows the tracking after washing and drying. I have not pressed the scarf yet. The colors I used were Denim and Cream.

Pat Tracy
Yarn looks nice, but color is very dark

I guess this could be a 'lipstick' color, but it is closer to maroon than the red I expected. Haven't used the yarn yet - looks nice, but very lightly twisted for weaving yarn.