Alpaca Weaving Yarn ~ Denim

Alpaca Weaving Yarn ~ Denim

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A slate blue weaving yarn the color of your favorite pair of jeans. 

Soft and warm, alpaca is the fiber of choice for weavers looking for a touch of luxury in a special scarf, shawl, or blanket. 

  • 1 kg cones
  • approximately 3,800 yards
  • 10-16 epi
  • suitable for warp and weft
  • rigid heddle or multi-shaft loom 

Hand wash in cool water, air dry. Use a warm iron to finish. 

Made in Peru.

Customer Reviews

Based on 75 reviews
Beautiful alpaca yarn

I purchased graphite and cream. I had no problem with color transfer. So far I've made 2 plain weave scarves on my rigid heddle loom, at 12 epi. They are beautifully soft. Planning to order more colors. The only issue I had was that it really resists holding a knot, and I had to rethink my twisted fringe after washing.

Beautiful and Soft

Buying a loom and teaching myself to weave was definitely one of the biggest highlights of my year. I have ordered 5 different colors of this yarn, and I have made several Alpaca scarves from them. I am using the Cloud color in my current project. They are all soft and feel wonderful. I was very worried about the red, chocolate, and charcoal colors bleeding into the cream color when fulling the scarves, but there was no visible dye in the rinse water, and only the faintest amount of red staining on the cream yarn after fulling. I did not notice any significant shrinkage either after fulling. I also gently ironed the scarves once they had drip dried a bit but were still damp to help prevent the color from seeping as recommended by someone on the site Handwoven. This yarn is strong enough for warping, but I have had one broken warp thread (bound to happen sooner of later). Because the yarn is soft, you have to really pay attention to the selvedges to keep them straight. You also have to be a bit more gentle when using the beater. I have kept a fairly tight tension on the warp to improve the overall weave, but I am just more gentle with the actual weaving and beating. The scarves I have made are really beautiful and made great Christmas presents. I highly recommend this yarn, and I now have enough to make several more 7 ft. scarves with twisted fringe for family members.

Beautiful yarn

I have used this yarn to weave two capes. It takes to washing nicely and produces a beautiful fabric. Working on a scarf at this time

Great alpaca!

Wonderful alpaca to work with. Used for both warp and weft. It does get sticky when worked, but just advance the work area often and have a hair pick ready. Makes a beautiful finished product.

Gorgeous Alpaca Yarn

This yarn is beautiful and easy to work with and for a kilo of yarn it is well priced too. Used this for warp and weft for a poncho and was quite pleased with the results! I did have to unweave a few rows to correct and error and true to form alpaca does tend to stick to itself, but I had no issues with the warp or weaving with it, just can’t watch TV while weaving! I would highly recommend this yarn, it creates a lighter weight garment that is very warm and has beautiful drape.